Dear Swedish Parents,

Greetings to you all from Hope-Childhome, Challagundla,India. Thankyou very much for your continuos care and support. This month we had many holidays for the school. It is a special month for us because the two Telugu speaking states Andhra and Telengana celebrated the ”Krishna River Pushkaraalu” which comes once in 12 years celebrated for 12days in glory.
Piligrams take a holy dip in the River and offer rituals to the river god and ancestors.
This is a special event for all telugu speaking people. People do rituals to the river by giving flowers, turmeric and saffron in honour to give their love and respect for its continuos flow to feed millions of people in the past years. Almost 15000000 people visited the river ghats to take a holy dip along with their families and even some have taken holy dip along with their pet and tamed animals.

We did to allowed the children to participate in this event. Because there is a serpentine queue waiting to get a dip in the water and there is no specific measures taken for the physically challanged. So I did not allowed the children to go and see it. But the government has telecasted minute to minute.
Children enjoyed watching some movies and playing and did some gardening. They had special study hours by their regular academic teachers. They were even busy by spending their time in helping the construction work and picking up the stones and derbies to put the flooring for the new rooms.
I want to thank my children for maintaining the discipline in my absence during my visit to Bangalore to attend my medical checkup in the second week of August. I also want to thank brother Wilson for taking care of the children and Childhome in my absence.

The weather was very hot till the middle of August and it went like that until the third week also. It suddenly changed in the last week of August and now it is raining every alternative days. One of the boy Mahesh had a problem with his speech even before he joined in the childhome. A miracle happened this month that he started speaking little better now and able call the children by their names. He has been in this childhome for the past five years.
Children needs tape to their cots. The government provided the tape 3 years ago and there is no provision for this so far and children need electric fans in their dormitories.
Our family friend and a childhood friend of Samuel Mr.Brahmaih  from vinukonda visited the childhome and promised to give 4 fans to the children.
Thankyou once again for your love care and support and we are looking forward for Sam and friends from Sweden in the month of January 2017. We also want to thank the parents association for taking special care for the children and providing us with better facilities.

With Love,
Alice and children
Hope childhome- Challagundla