2012 Augusti

The monthly financial report of the Child home at Challagundla, in Andhrapradesh, India for the month of August 2012

Supported by the generousity of the Swedish parents.

Thank you very much for all the support and help you all have been extending to the childhome. I am very happy that many children are being benefited by your help and your entry in their lives brought new hope and encouragement. Once again thank you very much for all you are doing for these deprived children in India.

The total amount recieved for the month of August is  Rs 53019 in US dollars 969.45 on the 22nd of August.


Total amount recieved from you—————–Rs  53019

Total expenditure for the month of August—-Rs  49545

Balance remained for the month of August—Rs    3474



The price of the rice was stable and remained as in the last month.

Rice for the 65 children———————-Rs 9230



The price of the Chicken went down and for the first two weeks of August it was Rs 143 per 1 kg and it even has become little less and for the rest of the two weeks it was Rs 141.50 per 1 kg

First two weeks  at a price of 143 for 1 kg for 65 children——-Rs 3718

The following 2 weeks at a price of 141.50————————-Rs  3679

I am expecting it will even come down to Rs 130-135 by Christmas.



No variation and it was Rs 3.60 per one egg

For 65 children————————————————————-Rs 3744



At a rate of Rs 40 for 1 lts  the price was—————————Rs 8320

For 65 children



Banana—- one Banana costs around —-Rs-2.80

Four bananas for one month and for 65 Children—————-Rs 728

Guava—– One Guave —Rs  3.50

Four Guavas for one month and for 65 children—————– Rs 910

Custurd apple– This is a seasonal fruit which occurs in the rainy and winter season only. It tastes very sweet and it has lot of seeds inside it. All seeds are coverd with a white creamy layer which sweet delicious and we need to spit the seeds when we eat it.  If we eat too many it will cause cold and cough. So one or few is OK.

A medium custard apple costs —–Rs 9

Four custard apples for one month for 65 children—————-Rs 2340

Apple— One regular apple costs—Rs 11.50

Four apples for one month for 65 Children————————–Rs 2990



The medical expenditure ———————————————-  Rs 2100.

All the medicines are prescribed by the medical Doctor who visits the children once in a month.

Washing soaps


2 Washing soaps for one month ——————–Rs 1820


2 bathing soaps for one month for 65 children—Rs 1170

Special treat once in a week


Children love to eat Sweet corn and they are even asking if I can give them once in a week rather than twice in one month.If I can go to the supermarket I can get little cheeper but it is not avialable all the time.

Sweet corn


Each corn cost -Rs 9 providing sweet corn twice in a month for 65 children——————-Rs1300



Providing variety of panecake twice in one month——————–Rs 1196



we are left with 3 kgs of sugar last month. Children in India mix sugar in the milk they dont drink the milk as it is. So we have purchased only 14 kgs of sugar this month.

14kgs of sugar for one month——————————————–Rs 560



2 shachets of shampoo in one week for four weeks for 65 children—-Rs 1040



I gave 2 toothpastes in one month per one child at a price of Rs 9.50 for one paste tube. The small children are eating the paste and they are asking the other. So, I felt that it is do that I can buy two tubes in a month per one child, for first 15 days one pack of toothpaste and for the rest of 15 days the other one will be given to the children

For 65 children for one month at a price of Rs 19 ————–Rs 1235

Coconut oil


All the South Indian people use coconut oil to their hair as a conditioner.

100 ml bottle costs—————Rs 25

I gave 1 bottle to each child and purchased four 500ml bottles and made them to come and get the coconut oil from me every time they need and when they ran out of the oil in the bottles that has been provided.

100 ml bottle for 65 children at a price of Rs 25————-Rs 1625

Four 500 ml bottles for one month at a price of Rs–120–Rs   480

Sanitary Naps

——Rs 960


Internet connection for one month basing on the usage of Internet——Rs 400

This is the detailed information regarding the last month.


With Love