2012 Juli


Thank you very much for the support you all are giving to the childhome.

Here I am sending the details of the support that we have recieved for 15 of July  to 15 of August 2012.

The Total support recieved from Swedish parents in US dollars 924 which  is Rupees 50,210.70 recieved on the 13th of July 2012.

The Balance remained for the month of June —- Rs 2,074.84

The total expenditure for the month of July including the telephone installation and purchasing the 2 water containers—— Rs 52,112

The remaining balance—- Rs 173.54


I have completed my 40th year on the 20th of August 2012. All the children celebrated my birthday in a grand manner. They came to me with a big cake and candles in the midnight of August 19th and surprised me. They garlanded me I cut the cake with all of them.

We all prayed that midnight and ate the cake. we had lot of fun. I really enjoyed being in the midst of them and that was a very blessed day in my life.

All the muslims in the world celebrated their sacred Ramzan festival on the 20th of August. That day was a holiday. One muslim master working in the school gave the dinner to the children and I gave them special lunch with chicken and noodles and with some traditional sweet.


The Child home financial report.




The price of the rice was little rised due to the low rain fall in our area. There is no water and power for all these past months because of the variations in the monsoons. The farmers did not went for the crops because the government said that they can only release the water for  drinking  and not for the crops and cultivation. Since Andhraparadesh main crop is paddy which is called rice. The price went up little  and we are afraid the it will even raise in the ensuing months.

1 Kg rice —- 35.50

For 65 children for one whole month——-Rs – 9230



The price of the chicken is gone down a little. We are thinking that this become more less by christmas or will remain stable.

1kg chicken—– Rs–145.50

for 65 children for one month——— Rs- 7566



There is no variation in the price of the eggs even the price for the chicken has gone down a little the price of the eggs are stable

One egg–3.60 for 65 children for one whole month—-RS 3744