2012 Juli, brev från Alice


Vi skickar Alice mail till er men inget ni behöver ta ställning nu utan bara för info. Jag åter kommer när det blir några viktiga mål som vi kan hjälpas åt tillsammans.

Första mailet.

My dear beloved Swedish Parents,

Thankyou verymuch for the support that you are giving to the physically challanged children in the Child home at Challagundla in India.
All the children are sending their love to you.
All the children that are staying in the children home are orthopedically challanged. We have a borewell for drinking water and for daily usaged. This childhome is located in a village in the midst of the hills and streams. As I have shared in my previous letter with Sam that we are facing severe power cut problem and I think even it has become a overseas News also.
The government in my state has failed to take neccessary measures to aviod power problem. The govt is supplying only 10 hours of power through out the day in the villages that means from evening 6 pm to 4am and only 2 hour during the day time.

So we got be very alert and should fill the water in the container when the power is on because the water motor will work only when the power is on. We have purchased 2 water containers for the month of July and we still need to buy more.
Many are suggesting that it is good to build a water storage container with cement and bricks rather than buying the plastic water container drums to aviod water problem.
To build a water storage on the ground it will cost around Rs 16,500 to 17,000 rupees which is around 320 US dollars and 2450 Swedish Kronars.

The details to build the Water Storage Container

Bricks —–400 bricks each brick cost around Rs 13 which comes around—Rs 5200

Cement—12 bags and each bag cost around Rs 280 which comes around -Rs 3360

Sand— One medium truck of Sand ———————————————————Rs 5100

Labour—— for three days ———————————————————————-Rs 3300


Rs– 16,960
You may get a questuion that why do I prefer to build the water storage tank than buying the plastic water containers.
The reason is the plastic water containers are movable and cost less than the tank but it is easy to get break down after using them for a while and also it has deep bottom where the children can not fetch the water when the water level is low.
If it is a concrete construction we can avoid these all problems and more over ours is a rocky area the foundation for the tank will be less and the little stone beds are availble with in the childhome premesis. we can collect the little stones in the ground and lay a bed to build the water tand on the ground. This is one way we can save a little. Children wash their clothes, bath,brush fetching water from the ground tank which is closer to their dorms both boys and girls will be benifited by this.

This is only a request for you and see that whether it is possible for you are not because you are helping us in most blessed way and you are supporting us more than we deserve.
Even though you do not know who we are you are supporting us through the vauble efforts of Sam and Elizabeth. We are very fortunate and lucky to have such a caring parents, and it is wonderful only by listening about us you have extended your hands to us and HOW BLESSED WE ARE IF YOU CAN COME AND SEE US IN PERSON AND EXPERIENCE THE GOOD WORKS OF THE CHILDHOME.
Hope to see you some day. Thank you very much for everything especially for your love and care.

With Love

Andra mail.


Last month all children enjoyed participating in the science fair which was held in the Narasaraopet town. All the children went in the bus to see the science fair. Five of our child home children participated in the fair because our school has been selected one among the good schools in the district.

Our children presented with a 2 projects. 1. The use of bio diesel and the other one is sinking the ground water levels.

These 2 projects got appreciated with the public.

1. About the Bio diesel: The Theme is to aviod regular diesel and use the biodiesel to aviod pollutiona and save the environment.

This Diesel is product comes out of a tree seeds. This tree grows wide in India and the seeds of the tree contains some oil substance which will help us avoiding pollution in the atmosphere.

2. Sinking the Ground Water Levels. The Theme is protect the strorage water levels and aviod digging the sand;

In India all the houses are beeing constructed with the sand, bricks and cement. For the construction purpose the builder dig the sand from the rivers . Once the sand is taken out from the river level the percentage of the water will not be absorbed by the ground and storage level go down. So, due to the poor sand levels the water will not get obsorbed and the water will merge in the sea.

These are two concepts taken by the child home and has been presented in the science fair. I am sorry I have not explained you in a right manner but hope you will under stand.

I would like to share a small true history about a girl called Adi Lakshmi now studying in the child home at Challagundla.

This girl joined in the childhome 7 years ago . She is a polio effected girl in the right hand rather I can tell that she is born with half right hand.

She hails from Hindu community and belongs to builders caste. In India the caste is more important . It resembles the profession that we do for the livelihood. Until the missionaries came and spread the Gospel the caste system is more predominant in India. I cannot say that the missionarries erradicated the system but they have brought awareness about this since this caste system is rooted in the blood of Indians.

We praise God and for the boundless love of the christian missionaries for bringing awareness and lifting up the down trodden commutinity for the glory of the almighty.

OK This girls parents are daily labours in a cement factory. Her father died with Tubercluosis and her mother died with Paralysis. She has one older brother. He is married and his wife will not allow this girl into the home. This girl is very intellegent and would like become a medical Doctor. She hope that one day she would afford to buy an artificial limb so that she can study well. Now she maintain all with single hand.

She says that she is very happy to be in this childhome and also thanking Sam and the Swedish parents for giving extra diet for them. She loves to sing in the sunday school. Her faviourate subject is Natural science.

Thankyou Sam and Elizabeth and for all of my Swedish parents for supporting me in all aspects in building a bright future for these less

fortunate children through your love care and concern.

I will be sending the financial report now for the month of July 2012

With Love