2012 Juni


Här kommer månadsrapporten för juni månad, lite försenad eftersom vi väntat på redovisningen från Alice.

Alice har ett önskemål om vi kan stå för hennes internet kostnad, vi återkommer om detta önskemål när vi tagit reda på mer om hur internet kostnaderna fungerar i

Indien. Eftersom det är en utgift som ligger utanför det som var överenskommet.

Regret my inablity to send an early mail. First of all I would like to thank all of the Swedish parents who are supporting the children in Challagundla, India. Thank you very much for your valuble support  all the children in the children home are fine and enjoying the cool wheather.

I am happy that Sam is satisfied with the May month’s report and I will keep to maintain the same since we all are accountable to all the people who are supporting the work in India.

The government has not released the water to the canals since there is no sufficient water and all reserviours went to dead storage level due to low rain fall and the monsoons are moving very slow.

The climate is cool one day hot another day.

I am glad that you are planning to visit India in 2013 Jan. We will have our christmas holidays for only 5 days and the children will be back to childhome on 31st of December. Majority of the children will stay with us during the vacation and only few will go for the vacation.

You can plan to come in the first week of Jan and I will arrange the gettogather program of the old students who stayed in the childhome in Narasaraopet. I will discuss with Joseph and organize the program.

Try to bring some new friends with you so that they can see the work in India and I hope that Alex will also join with you for this trip.

Here I am giving the financial report for the month of June 2012


The total amount I  recieved for the month of June on the 13-06-12 is Rs-49,497.84-00 which is around 903 US dollars



There is no variation in the price of the rice and it was same as last month. but there may be little variation in the months to come because there is no water in the canal for the crops.


For one month for 65 children——-Rs 8866-00



200 gms for one serving and for four servings in one month

1 kg—-Rs 147-00

200gms= 29.40rs————Rs 7644-00



one egg= 3.60

Four eggs for one week and for one month——–Rs 3744-00



200ml for one serving

1lt= 40rs and the price for the milk is stable so far

four serving for one week and for one month ———–Rs 8320-00



only one serving in a week and 4 servings for one month.

One an average we gave differnt type of pan cake, Idle, and Raagi malt and madras Pongal for the whole month

For one serving—–Rs 9.20×4= Rs 2394-00



Banana—Rs 2.50-00 one Banana for one day and for 4 weeks—-Rs 650-00

One Guava–Rs 3-30 one guava for one day and for 4 weeks——-Rs 858-00

One Water melon–Rs 50-00

One water melon can be made into 8 pieces which is Rs 6.25 each piece

2 pieces for each child———Rs 3250-00


Two pears cost around–5rs

2 pears for one day and for one month—–5×4=20×65= Rs 1300-00

Coconut oil:


The price is stable and same—Rs 2275-00

Washing soaps:


same as in the previous month—-Rs 1170-00

Bathing soaps:


same as in the previous month—-Rs 1820-00

Sanitary Naps


Rs 1000-00



Rs 2300-00



20 kgs of sugar added in the milk


20×40= 800-00



2 schachets of shampoo for each child

one schachet= Rs 2.-00

4×4=16×65= Rs 1040-00

The total amount send by you for the month of June—-Rs 49,497.84-00

This is the total expenditure for the month of June–Rs 47,427-00

The total balance amount left for the month of June—Rs 2070.84-00

Can I use an amount of Rs 1000-00 for my internet connection. because I have to pay for the internet department every month.

Thank very much for all you are doing for us.

With Love