2012 Maj


Här kommer månadsrapporten från barnhemmet i Indien, brevet kommer lite senare eftersom vi varit bortresta.

Med önskan om en trevlig sommar med mycket sol och varma kvällar…


Samuel med familj

There is one interesting thing happend in the children home. A king cobra entered into the children home and the boys in the hostel killed the cobra without any fear.

There are 7 new admissions so far in children home and I will send their details to you in the next week.

10 children are preparing for the competitive exams and they have to face an examination in the month of november. If they are qualified in that test they will get free accomadation and the government will provide them with food and everything till they finish their college education that is upto 12th class. If they get qualified in the 12th class then they will be placed according to their interest in any of proffessional colleges like engineering, medical line depending on their interest.

In 2008 and 2009 eight children qualified in the state board examinations now there are studing their computer engineering in IIIT college in our state. I will introduce them to you in your next visit.

Now we are facing 7 hours of powercut problem through out the state. many protests are going on in this regard against the government. The government has not taken any measures to aviod this problem and I do not know when we will overcome this problem. I will send the estimation for the generator in my next letter.

The rainy season has started. The nights getting cool and during the daytime it is very hot. we have cleaned the ground and plannig to sow some vegetable seeds and spinach and some other greens. Since, there is no sufficient water we are only depending on the rain.

In our understanding to support the children home we have selected 11 items to support the children.

1. Rice

2. Chicken

3. Eggs

4. Milk

5. Bread

6. Fruits

7.coconut oil

8.washing soaps

9.bathing soaps

10.sanitary naps



1) Rice—- 500 gms for one day and 1 kg for 2 day

1kg–34.10 rs

for one month for 65 children—- Rs 8866-00


2) Chicken—–200gms for one serving

1Kg—120rs and 200gms —-24rs

for one month for 65 children ——- Rs 6240-00


3) Eggs—- 1egg per day and 4 eggs for week

1 egg—2.90rs

for one month——— Rs 3016-00


4) Milk—– 200 ml per day and 4 times a week

1 lt—-40 rs and 200ml—- 8rs

for one month—– Rs 8320-00


5) Bread— only one serving in one week and 4 servings in one month

1 serving—Rs 9.35

for one month ——Rs 2431-00



One banana—-2.50rs

4 banaanas a month—-4×2.50=10rs

for 65 ———-Rs 650-00

One mango —-14.25rs

4 mangoes for one month—–4×14.25=57rs

for one month for 65 children—57×65= Rs 3705-00


7) Coconut oil is stable and there is no price variation–Rs 2275-00


8) Washing soaps— 2 soaps for one month at a cost of 9 rs per soap.

18rsx65————Rs 1170-00


9) Bathing soaps—-2 soaps for one month at a cost of 14rs per one soap

24×65——-Rs 1820-00


10) Sanitary naps for 20 girls are stable and it is fixed

20×50—— Rs 1000-00


11) Medicine —Rs 2800-00


An extra amount is spent on the chicken with little misunderstanding of providing 200 gms of chicken twice in a week . So, with little misunderstading I have provided 200 gms of extra chicken 3 times in the same month which is not included in our previous budget. It is merely my mistake and I promise that this problem will not arise again.

Since the price of the chicken is gone high in this summer



for 3 servings in a month for 65 children—-3×29.40=88.20×65= Rs5733-00

There is another amount spent on for the energy drink mix which is not included in our previous budget. The cost of that powder is Rs 1800-00

These are the two extra items which are not mentioned in the original budget

The total expenditure for the month of May 2012—–Rs 49,826-00

The total amount sent for the children for the month of May 2012——–Rs 49,513-00

The total amount saved from the budget

—-9100 8866 —-Rs 234

Eggs— 3100 3016—- Rs 84

Bread–2600 2431—-Rs 169

W.soap1300 1170—-Rs 130

B.Soap 1950 1820 —Rs 130

Fruits 6500 4355— Rs2145

The total difference amount saved is — Rs 2,892-00

An extra amount spent on the estimated budget— Rs 520-00

an amount spent on the medicine–300rs and on milk 220rs—total —Rs520-00


1) In the month of June the difference money for fruit Rs 2145 will be added to the budget, because I have only given 2 fruits in one week and only 8 fruits in on month. since this is the mango season I took this decision. Once this season is over by this month I will provide with 4 days with fruit in one week and 16 fruits in one month. I hope you can understand.


2) The enhanced price for the chiken will also be added to the budget. 1kg–147 and 200gms costs around 29.40rs for one serving and for one month it will be around Rs 7,644-00 and the difference between the original budget is Rs 7644-00-Rs6240-00= Rs1404-00.

So, an amount of 1404 will only be added to the original budget in providing chicken.


3) The price of the egg is also gone high and one is Rs 4.00

In the wholesale market we will get around Rs 3.60

Only an amount of Rs 728-00 will be added to the June budget because of the price variation

I think that I have given you the full information ande I hope that this will help you to understand. If you still have doubts feel free to ask me.

Thankyou very much for your valuble prayers and support. My heart felt thanks to the outstanding support being given by the swedish people. We are praying for you all. I once again appreciate the tireless efforts of you and Elizabeth.Words cannot express my gratitude to both of you. Your support to child home has given me a new strength and spirit. Really that was miracle of God. He spoke to you and moved you to take up such a big task to support the childhome.

All the children are enjoying the rain.

With Love