2012 Oktober – November


Här kommer årets sista brev från Alice.

Dear Swedish Parents,

Since, the Christmas is fast approaching we think that you all are busy in Christmas shopping.
Here the winter has already started. Last year it was very cold and this year due to low rain fall we have little cooling. Since we live in a small village surrounded by the hills we have good winter wheather here.
We never see the snow and we have heard that Sweden will be covered with snow during christmas. How wonderful it is to see that. we have 26 degrees celecuis heat now in our home town. It is hot during the day and cool in the night time.
The children participated in the sports organised by diabled department on the 3rd of Dec and won many praises. The girls and boys got first and second place in the tri-cycle events. Some of the Tri-cycles got damaged in the sports and now they are getting repaired. Few children stood in the second place in the Khabhadi sport. This sport is the our state game. It is a team sport and competition will be between to teams. The sport goes like this, one team will stay in a court and one person will enter into the other court saying Kabhadi…Khabhadi and try to touch the other group persons. It is very interesting to watch and it involves with lot of energy and josh.
We have errected a star in the Childhome and also Christmas tree. On the 24th night we all will go to Church. We even did the Christmas carols singing many songs. We errected a big 5 feet Star.
We all are so eited to ssee Sam and family. Thankyou for all the lovable and prayerful support you have been extending to us. We pray that the Lord will give you a jous Christmas and a happy new year to you all. We wish you all a Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.

With Love

Jag glömde att skicka Oktober redovisning till er faddrar. Hår kommer både oktober och november redovisning.

Here I am sending the report of the child home for the month of October 2012

The total amount recieved from you for this month————————Rs 51142.18
a total US dollars 979

The expenditure for the month—————————————————-Rs 50719

The balance for the month ——————————————————–Rs 423.18


Rice———————————————————————————-Rs 9230
no variation in the rice so far

Chicken—————————————————————————-Rs 5284.50
Chicken at a price of 135.50 per one kg for three weeks

Chicken at a price of 130.50 for one week——————————–Rs 1696.50

Eggs———————————————————————————-Rs 3536

Milk———————————————————————————–Rs 8320


Banana————4 bananas for one month at a price of Rs 3.40——Rs 780

Oranges——2 oranges a week at a price of 8.50—————————Rs 4420

Apples—– one apple a week at a price of 12——————————–Rs 3120

Medicie——————————————————————————–Rs 2100

Sweet corn twice in a month——————————————————Rs 1170

Spegatti sweet twice in a month————————————————Rs 1625

Washing soaps———————————————————————–Rs 1820

Bathing soaps ————————————————————————Rs 1170

Sugar 10 kgs at a rate of Rs 40————————————————–Rs 400

Jaggery 7 kgs at a price of Rs 44————————————————Rs 308

Shampoo——————————————————————————Rs 1040

Toothpaste—————————————————————————-Rs 1235

Coconut Oil each bottle for one child——————————————Rs 1625
Coconut oil 500ml 4 bottles——————————————————-Rs 480

Sanitary Naps————————————————————————–Rs 960

Inter net———————————————————————————Rs 400

The total expenditure for the month of October———————–Rs 50719

Here I am sending you the monthly financial statement for the month of November 2012

The total amount recieved US dollars 970——————————————-Rs 52687

The total expenditure for the month of Nov————————————-Rs 51285.50

Balance for the month of Nov—————————————————–Rs 1401.50

Rice———————————————————————————–Rs 9412
The price of the rice has raise a little. One kg of rice at the rate of Rs 36.20

Chicken—————————————————————————-Rs 1696.50
One kg Chicken at a price of 130.50 for one week

One kg Chicken at a price of Rs 128 for one week———————————-Rs 1664

One kg Chicken at a price of Rs 126 for two weeks———————————Rs 3276

Each egg at a price of Rs 3.15 and 16 eggs for one month————————–Rs 3276

No variation in the price of milk——————————————————-Rs 8320

Banana—at a price of 3-40 each——————————————————Rs 780

Oranges———–2 oranges for one week at price of Rs 8————————–Rs 4160

Apple——-one apple at a price of Rs 11.80 each———————————-Rs 3068

Medicine——————————————————————————Rs 2200

Washing soaps ———————————————————————–Rs 1820

Bathing soaps————————————————————————-Rs 1170

Spegtti sweet twice in a month——————————————————-Rs 1625

Sweet corn—- Twice in a month—————————————————–Rs 1170

Sugr 10 kgs—————————————————————————–Rs 400

Jaggery———– This is also one kind of sugar product it will be avialabe
in big cubes and taste like sugar mixed with salt.————————————-Rs 308

Shampoo——————————————————————————Rs 1040

tooth paste—————————————————————————-Rs 1235

coconut oil 65 individual bottles——————————————————Rs 1625
coconut oil 4 bottels of 500ml———————————————————-Rs 480

Sanitary naps—————————————————————————Rs 960

Internet———————————————————————————Rs 400

The total expenditure ——————————————— Rs 51285.50

We have spent an amount of Rs 1200 towards the staff and children for cakes, biscuits, and snaks for suppose Christmas celebration which was held on 25th of November which is one month in advance to Christmas.

With Love,