2012 September

Dear Sam and Elizabeth,

Here I am sending the Financial report for the month of September 2012


The total amout recieved from you for the month of Sep 2012—————Rs 50151

The expenditure for the month of Sep———————————————–Rs 48992


Rs     1159


Balance left for the month of Sep 2012————–Rs 1159

Balance left for the month of Aug 2012————–Rs 3474


1.Rice——————–The price of the rice is stable and I am

afriad it may rise from Jan 2013—————————————————–Rs  9230

2.Chicken————- The price of the chicken has gone even little less

For the first two weeks at a price of Rs 140 kg————————————– Rs 3640

For the last two weeks at a price of Rs 138.50 kg———————————– Rs 3601

3. Eggs—–The price of the eggs has gone little less

One egg cost –Rs 3.40————————————————————– Rs 3536

4. Milk—No variation in the price of the milk—————————————- Rs 8320


Banana —4 bananas for one month at a price of Rs 3—————————–Rs     780

Custurd apples—2 custurd apples in a week ————————————-Rs   4680

1 Guava in a week ——————————————————————Rs     910

Medicine——————————————————————————Rs  2000

Sweet corn twice in one month——————————————————-Rs 1170

Special kind of spegatti with milk,sugar,cadmom,kissmiss,and sago

Twice in one month——- at a price of 12.50 for one serving————————Rs 1625

washing soaps————————————————————————Rs 1820

Bathing soaps————————————————————————-Rs 1170

Sugar 17 kgs—————at a price of Rs 40—————————————Rs   680

Shampoo——————————————————————————Rs 1040

Toothpaste—————————————————————————-Rs 1235

Coconut oil —————————————————————————Rs 1625

4 bottles of 500ml oil——————————————————————Rs   480

Sanitary Naps————————————————————————-Rs   960

Internet——————————————————————————–Rs   400

The total expenditure for the month of Sep 2012———————————-Rs 48992