2013 Januari, brev från Alice

Dear Swedish Parents,

I hope that you all might have had a wonderful Christmas and a Cheerful New year.

This letter is a very special for you all. This year we really had a great New Year Celebrations with all of the children in the Children Home. Sam’s family is a special appeareance in those celebrations and their presence made it very special.

Thank you very much for all your Love and Concern and for all the special gifts given to the Children with your generousity.

1. First of all we would like to thank you for the special clothing given to the children and our hearts goes with heartfelt thanks for the following gifts given by our Swedish parents through Sam.

2. For the battery lights and solar light for the girls.

3. For the New Borewell to overcome the water scarcity and for the submergible motor to fetch the water from it.

4. For the tape to be woven for the Iron cots since the tape rapped to the Iron cots was torren and made useless. So, it is so wonderful to get tapes as a gift for all the children

5. The mosquito nets for all the children to be get protected from the mosquitos

6. For the pens,pencils, and for all the beatiful gifts from sweden.

7. Last but not the least, for the delicious food served on the Newyear. The children really enjoyed the chicken joints and enjoyed the food a lot. Sam said that this is the treat given by the Swedish parents. Not only this all the neccessary help is given by our beloved Swedish parents during their visit to India.

8.For the drinking water containers and all the newly planted plants.

9.Flush tanks, healthpacets to clean the hands and tiolets, These are all the tiolet item which help the disabled children to keep them clean and will aviod difficulty in cleaning them when they use the tiolets.

Once again we are really thankful to you for all you have done for the children and still doing for the benefit of the chidren. Maybe in you next trip to India we would like to see some of our Swedish parents to come and see us in India.

We are little dissoppointed for the ill health of Sam’s family. All of their family members fell ill during their stay in the childhome.

We hope that they all will get better and will recover from their illness, especially we are hoping for Elisabeth’s speedy recovery.

Once again thank you for your care and concern. All the help and fecilities provided by the Swedish parents is a great requierement and you met the needs of the children in time.

We would like to thank the family of Sam for coming to India to see us,

Alice and all the Children from the Childhome

With Love