2013 Januari

The financial report of the childhome at Challagundla for the month of January 2013

Dear Parents!

Here I am sending you the financial report for the month of January 2013.

The total amount received for the month of Jan 2013———————— Rs 55,600.80

The expenditure for the month of Jan 2013————————————- Rs 52,505.40

The remaining balance left for the month of Jan 2013————————Rs 3095.40


The price of the rice is being raised day by day.

The good quality of rice at present rate is 39.80 per one kg and I doubt that it may raise in the days come by.

The price of the rice————————————————————————Rs 10984.80


The price of the chicken has raised drastkly and now the present price is Rs 143 per one kg

Since the summer is fast approaching the price in the chicken will vary day by day .

The price of chicken Rs 137 per one kg for the first two weeks——————Rs 3781.20

The price of the chicken Rs 140 per one kg for the last weeks ——————Rs 3864


Each egg at a price of Rs 3.60————————————————————Rs 3974.40


The price has no variation but it will raise a little in the summer and not sure– Rs 8832


Banana——————————————————————————————Rs 897

Orange— One orange for a week ——————————————————-Rs 2346

Apple—One apple a week—————————————————————–Rs 3256

Guava—One medium sized guava——————————————————-Rs1518

Sweet corn——-Each corn at a price of Rs 9—- 2 sweet corns in month——Rs 1242

Spegetti sweet———————–2 servings of this dessert in one month——-Rs 1725

Bathing soaps———————————————————————————-Rs 1932

Washing soaps——————————————————————————–Rs 1242

Sugar at a price of Rs 41 per one kg—- for 11 kgs———————————-Rs 451

Jaggery at a price of Rs 45 per one kg– for 8 kgs———————————–Rs 360

Shampoos————————————————————————————–Rs 1104

Tooth paste————————————————————————————Rs 1311

Coconut oil————————————————————————————Rs 1725

5 bottles of 500ml coconut oil————————————————————-Rs 600

Sanitary naps———————————————————————————Rs 960

Internet charges—————————————————————————— Rs 400

The total expenditure for the month of Jan 2013 for 69 Children—————-Rs 52505.40

With love