Dear Swedish Parents

Greetings to you all,

It is the election time in India. Our state Andhrapradesh has been divided into two. Hyderabad is no more with our state it went to Telengana a new state. Both these two states speaks the same dialect Telugu this is the irony. Hyderabad will be the common capital for the both states for 10 years. Mean while we will have our state capital which is not yet decided. Most probably Vijayawada will be our new Capital for our state.

Thankyou verymuch for your prayerful support and concern for these differently challanged children in India. The Children are doing great and enjoying the summer school.

The school strats from 7-30 am and will close by 1-00 in the afternoon and the lunch follows immediantely. They will have rest time from 2-4 pm and will have study time from 4-30 to 5-30pm. Then they will have games time for one hour by  6-30 pm bathing time and by 7-30 they will be having their dinner. This is the usual schedule in the summer time since the summer here is very hot.

Now it is 40 degrees and it is like a burning furnace in Challagundla. The greatest blessing is the school is full of shady trees. So from morning to 11 in the morning it is not that hot but from 11 am it is terrible. If you forget about to thanking you for the solar system we cna be never forgiven. Now children are happy for the sufficience of water and as well as the plants.
We had a severe rain fall on the 9th of this month due to the depression in the Bay of Bengal. The wheather was good for only one day and now it is very hot.
It seems that we have this hot summer for 20 more days and the rainy season will start from the middle of the June.
Thankyou very for  keeping our needs in your thoughts and prayers. We are very fortunate have a great people like who extends their hands for the people in need. We are able to know through Bro. Sam that you all are thinking about us for providing us with better fecilities.
This summer we are planning to have kitchen garden and we are sincerly thinking to keep the chicken awar from the garden and we are thinking a way to put them in a shed.
Thankyou for the the tasty milkshake mix you have given extra. The children expressed that only the rich children will have this extra diet when they saw that in the Television and now it has come reality to them that they will be able to taste it.
Now we are teaching the grownup one to make the paper bags and also teaching them with some handicrafts. Will be able to get the paper from Vijayawada only. So we are thinking to find a way to get the required paper from near by but for now we are practicing with the daily news paper.

We all praying that the proposals for the new projects at the school will start soon with the untiring efforts of Sam and Our beloved Swedish parents and all other people who supports and love us.

With Love,
Alice and Children Hope Childhome


The Financial report of the month of April 2014‏

Here I am sending the monthly financial report of the Hope Childhome, Challagundla,India for the month of April 2014

The total amout recieved for the month of April 2014——————————Rs 68500

Rice———————————————————————————————Rs 13600
The price of the rice is increasing
Chicken—————————————————————————————-Rs 9458
The price of the chicken is stable
Milk———————————————————————————————Rs 9052

Eggs——————————————————————————————-Rs 4600

Banana—————————————————————————————Rs 2150
I have given the same special variety of banana which was given
last month.
Water melon——————————————————————————–Rs 3200
Mangoes————————————————————————————-Rs 4968

The mangoes season has started. I gave only one mango in a week.

Sweet corn———————————————————————————-Rs 1242
Madras pongal—————————————————————————–Rs 1760
Coconut oil———————————————————————————-Rs 1725
500ml—————————————————————————————–Rs 600
Washing soaps—————————————————————————-Rs-1932
Bathing soaps—————————————————————————–Rs 1242
Toothpaste———————————————————————————Rs 1311
Shampoo———————————————————————————–Rs 1152
Medicine————————————————————————————Rs 2200

Sanitary Naps—————————————————————————–Rs 1008

Internet charges————————————————————————–Rs 500

The internet charges has raised Rs 100.

Accountant salary————————————————————————Rs 3000

Attendant salary————————————————————————–Rs 3000

Summer hair cut for the grown up boys——————————————–Rs 600

For the young boys we are the special hair stylists—————————–Rs 1102

Expenditure for the month of April 2014——————————————-Rs 69402

The excess amount spent in this month——————————————-Rs 902

Balance remained for the March 2014—————-—————————–Rs 13060

Balance remained for the April 2014—————-——————————-Rs 12158

I will be sending a formal letter to the parents in my next mail. Now the summer is very hot and it is 43 degrees.

With love