Here i am sending the monthly financial report for the month of March 2018

Total amount received-March 2018—————————————————–Rs 130000

Rice———————————————————————————————-Rs 15600
Chicken—————————————————————————————–Rs 9600
Milk———————————————————————————————–Rs 14000
Eggs———————————————————————————————Rs 6600
Extra chicken(New Hope)——————————————————————Rs 10000
Mangoes—————————————————————————————-Rs 4400
(The season for mangoes has started).
Banana—————————————————————————————– Rs 2000
(This is one type of Banana tastes very sweet and expensive given only
once in this month).
water melon———————————————————————————–Rs 2400
Washing machine—————————————————————————-Rs 2100
Bathing soaps———————————————————————————Rs 1500
Shampoos————————————————————————————–Rs 1280
Toothpaste————————————————————————————-Rs 1400
Sanitary Naps———————————————————————————Rs 1800
Coconut oil————————————————————————————-Rs 2625
Diapers——————————————————————————————Rs 3720
Medicine—————————————————————————————-Rs 2500
Extra Breakfast:
Idly———————————————————————————————–Rs 4600
Indian doughnut——————————————————————————Rs 4400
Sweet with Sago—————————————————————————–Rs 1600
Extra curry ————————————————————————————Rs 3500
Milk shake mix——————————————————————————–Rs 1580
Administrative Expenditure:
Accountant Salary—————————————————————————-Rs 3000
Attendant Salary——————————————————————————Rs 3000
Cook salary————————————————————————————Rs 2500
Computer master—————————————————————————–Rs 6000
English Teacher——————————————————————————Rs 7000
Mathmetics Teacher————————————————————————-Rs 7000
Sewing instructor—————————————————————————–Rs 1500
(Salary paid only for 5 classes).
Internet——————————————————————————————Rs 1050
Electricity—————————————————————————————-Rs. 800

Total expenditure-March 2018————————————————————Rs 129055
Balance—————————————————————————————–Rs 945
Balance remained for the February 2018—————————————––—-Rs 16847
Computer master————————————————————————–—Rs 6000
(Alice has forgotten to pay the comuter teacher’s salary last month for february)
Balance remained for the March 2018—————————————––——–Rs 11792

With Love
Alice and Children, Childhome Challagundla

Dear Swedish Parents,

Greetings to you all. Thankyou verymuch for the support you have been giving to us.

Now we have entered into the real summer. The schools have started single sessions 7am to 1 ’0’clock in the afternoon. The India Meteorological Department warned that the average temparatures in most part of India especially two Telugu speaking states Andhra and Telangana are expected to be heavy between April to June.
Now the day temparature is 40 are taking neccessary measures to protect rhe children from the summer heat.

During this rime of the year, it is atmost importance to take proper care of skin as excessive sweating may lead to a hist of skin problems. The scorching heat has the tendency to damage the skin cells. Already some of the children got rashes and acne and they have been put to the proper care. The greatest blessi g for this year is drinking pure and cooling water from our own ground.

Thankyou somuch for the pure drinkimg wafer and the cool water dipensers.
The mango season has arrived. This year we are blessed with the good yeilding of mangoes, wood apple, Indian kiwis. Thankyou verymuch for the sewing instructor and children would be able to learn little sewing technics. The kitchen garden was over and again we are planting greens, cabbage and tomatoes. We are are having shortage of organic compost. Hope this summer we would be able buy the Compost near by villages
Thanyou once again for the great help you are extending to all of us.
More for your Love care and Concern.

With Love,
Alice and Children.

Mera bilder – Vi hade fest också!

Vi har nu haft en fest varje år för barnen och det otroligt roligt att uppleva varje gång. Hur Alice tillsammans med barnen planerar att det ska bli en trevlig trevlig dag tillsammans. Alla hjälper till inför förberedelse och snyggar till på barnhemmet, städar och lagar mat. Alla blir glada och förväntansfulla på maten och på dansen. I år fick barnen kyckling och lamm. Det var mycket uppskattat!

Festen är sponsrades av


Here I am sending you the Financial report for the month of February 2018

Total amount received for the month of February———————————-Rs 130000

Rice——————————————————————————————–Rs 15600
Chicken—————————————————————————————Rs 9880
Milk———————————————————————————————Rs 14000
(this month more consumption of milk and butter milk because
of the skin allergies arised in the Children)
Eggs——————————————————————————————-Rs 6600
Exrra Chicken New Hope—————————————————————-Rs 10200
Banana—————————————————————————————Rs 1600
Water Melon——————————————————————————–Rs 2400
Guava—————————————————————————————-Rs 1800
Tangerines———————————————————————————-Rs 3400
Washing soaps—————————————————————————–Rs 2100
Bath soaps———————————————————————————-Rs 1500
Shampoos———————————————————————————–Rs 1280
Toothpaste———————————————————————————-Rs 1400
Sanitary Naps——————————————————————————Rs 1800
Coconut oil———————————————————————————-Rs. 2625
Daipers for boys—————————————————————————Rs 3720
Medicine————————————————————————————-Rs 2800
(most of the Children got skin allergies because of the climatic
changes and viral bacterial allergy. A small red spots on the body
appeared with skin rashes and Itching).
Extra Nutritious Diet:
idly———————————————————————————————Rs 4600
(idly has become a regular breast in the children’s menu)
Wheat Kichidi——————————————————————————-Rs 4000
(Cooked with all varieties of Veggies)
Sweet corn———————————————————————————-Rs 1400
Extra Curry———————————————————————————-Rs 3200
(children with skin infection were fed with more Buttermilk and Milk)
Milk shake mix—————————————————————————–Rs 1580
Admistrative Cost:
Accountant Salary————————————————————————Rs 3000
Attendant Salary————————————————————————–Rs 3000
Cook Salary——————————————————————————–Rs 2500
Internet————————————————————————————–Rs 1050
Electricity———————————————————————————–Rs. 800
Mathmetic Teach————————————————————————-Rs 7000
English Teacher————————————————————————–Rs 7000

Total Expenditure for the month of February————————————- Rs 121835
Balance Remaining———————————————————————-Rs 8165
Balance remained for the January 2017—————————————–—Rs 8682
Balance remained for the February 2017—————————————––Rs 16847

With Love
Alice and Children, Childhome Challagundla