New building-pictures and thanking letter

The Swedish aid organization ‘’ would like to gratefully thank Volkswagen, Germany for the generous donation to Rajiv Gandhi Memorial High School for Physically Challanged in Challagundla, India.

The Rajiv Gandhi Memorial High School for Physically Challanged is an orphanage for about 90 children situated in Challagunda, India and is sponsored by a Swedish non-profit association “”.

Volkswagen, through ‘Hands of compassion’ has made the construction of brand-new dormitories for the Physically Challenged Children possible by their generous donation and we would like to express our deepest gratitude. The new dormitories are more than double the size of the previous worn out shelter and will keep the children safe for many years to come. The size of the both dorms are 25 feet width and 50 feet long with an extra 10 feet verandah. Every dorm has 4 toilets and 4 bath areas with 8 wash basins and an extra provision for washing machines. The toilets are adapted for handicapped and spacious enough to allow a person to enter with a tri-cycle. The hygienic standard has by this increased significantly. A very good ventilation has been provided and 20 fans inside the Dorms and in the verandah have been installed and are fully functioning.

Volkswagen has by their generosity brought safety and joy to the daily life of the physically disabled children. Please accept a humble thank you from us, the Swedish association ‘’.

We would also like to express our gratitude to the Swedish organization “Tolvskillingshjälpen” who supported and validated our intentions to Volkswagen, Germany.


Financial report for the month of February 2019

Received amounts from Sweden Quantity Rupies
Total amount received for the month 130000
Cost items for this month:    
Staple food #  
Rice 168 kgs 8400
Chicken (Swedish parents) 67 kgs 11725
Egg 672 5544
Milk 450 (new hope buffalo)
Extra chicken (New Hope) 60 kgs 10500
Fruits (all fruits 4 times in a week)
Apples 84 5040
Tangerines 84 4032
Banana 84 1176
Water melon 24 3600
Cosmetics and health
Washing Soaps 168 2520
Bathing Soaps 168 1680
Shampoo 672 1344
Coconut oil 84 bottles 3100
Sanitary Naps 1740
Diapers 2 boys 3720
Milkshake 16 packs 1552

Medicine for paid an amount of Rs 600 extra for Mahesh. His foot is Recovering and it is dry now.

Babu suffered with fever for 4 days and Rajeswari has been suffering with tooth ache sent to the dentist paid an amount of Rs 900.


Extra Diet
Idly 1 times in a week 5940
Indian doughnut 1 times in a week 5040
Extra curry 5504
Accounting cost (Swedish parents) 3000
Attendant Salary (Swedish parents) 5000
Computer Master (Swedish parents) 6000
Maths teacher (Tolvskillingshjalpen) 7000
English Teacher (Tolvskillingshjalpen) 7000
Telugu teacher (New hope) 7000
Hindi Teacher (New hope) 7000
Cook Salary (Swedish parents) 6000
Internet (Swedish parents) 1250
Electricity (Swedish parents) 900
Total expenditure for the month 134507
Balance remaining (this month) (-4507)
Balance remaining (previous month) 55639
Total balance remaining 51132


With Love
Alice and Children, Childhome Challagundla