Financial report for 3 months- April, May, June 2020

Here I am sending the complete details of the budget received from the Swedish Parents  for 3 months from April to June 2020.
All the food essentials and hygiene kits were purchased and distributed for 3 months .


Balance remaining (April to June) 3 months 461523 Rs
Cost items for these 3 months:    
1.       Rice (45 Rs/kg) 24 kg x 45 x 85 91800
2.       Dal (100 Rs/kg) 6kg x 100 x 85 51000
3.       Oil (100 Rs/kg) 3kg x 100 x 85 25500
4.       Soaps (26 Rs/1pieces) 6 pieces x 26 x85 13260
5.       Detergent (90 Rs/kg) 3 detergent x 90 x 85 22950
6.       Sanitary (50 Rs/1 packet) 3 sanitary x 50 x 85 12750
7.       Chilli powder (50 Rs/1 packet) 3 chilli x 50 x 85 12750
8.       Salt (20 Rs/1 packet) 6 salt x 20 x 85 10200
9.       Tamarind (70 Rs/1 packet) 3 tamarind x 70 x 85 17850
10.   Onions (20 Rs/kg) 6 onions x 20 x85 10200
11.   Masks (40 Rs/1 pieces) 3 pieces x 40 x 85 10200
12.   Sanitizer (40 Rs/1 bottle) 3 bottles x 40 x 85 10200
Total 288660 Rs
Travel (travel expenditure was met by staff) 9000
1.       Maths (Salaries) 3 x 8000 24000
2.       English 3 x 8000 24000
3.       Telugu 3 x 8000 24000
4.       Hindi 3 x 8000 24000
5.       Computer Science 3 x 8000 24000
6.       Health instructor 3 x 5000 15000
7.       Sewing 3 x 5000 15000
8.       Cook 3 x 6000 18000
9.       Attendant 3 x 3000 9000
10.   Accountant 3 x 3000 9000
Total 186000 Rs
Total expenditure for the 3 months 483660 Rs
Excess amount spent -22137
Balance remaining (previous month Mars) 16890
Total balance remaining -5247


  1. The travel expenditure was met by staff Rs 9000
  2. Tamarind is a fruit pulp tastes sour which is widely used in all main vegetarian dishes India and also most parts of Asia. Many uses it as a substitute to tomatoes. Since this is little expensive, we will not distribute this in our next July support.

If it is ok with you, we will go accordingly.

  1. No power bill was collected by the government so far.
  2. Internet bill was reduced to Rs 1000 from Rs 1250.

5.The price of the rice was reduced to Rs 50 to Rs 45 for the new crop since we are purchasing in a large quantity.

With Love
Alice and Children, Childhome Challagundla

Dear Swedish Parents

Greetings to you all. Thankyou very much for the support to distribute the food essentials to the differently Abled children of Rajiv Gandhi Memorial High School, Challagundla. Food essentials were distributed to the children in their home villages. We thank the Swedish Parents for giving us this wonderful opportunity to visit them during this crisis time. We and children felt very happy to see each other’s. Many children expressed to return back to the children home and some of them even cried to come back to the home.
Those are the very emotional movements for us.  Me and our staff members distributed in 5 groups . 3 persons of staff in one group and they went to different villages to distribute the food supplies to the children.
All the children felt very happy to see us. Some of them are living with single Parents and some of them are living with grand parents, some of them are with their Care takers.
All of the children expressed their love and gratitude to the Swedish parents for remembering them in this time of need. Most of the children living in very poor conditions with out proper hygiene conditions. After visiting them I wrote a letter to the government authorities to accord permission for us to start our school since it’s a special school with special needs children. But they said it is the policy with the whole country not with a single school.
We all are much waiting for the reopening of the schools.
Government suggested for online classes but it will not work out single majority of the children doesn’t have internet access and many schools suggested that kits not a good idea.
We the school managements attendees many meetings with the concerned education department and expressed our views and ideas to continue the education back in their respective schools only rather than going for the online system only for few months till the schools start. I personally emphasised that it’s good to bring these special needs children back to the children home since they have many better fecilities than their homes and villages. We are even far better than any corporate school where they collect good amount of fees for education , they even failed to pay the salaries in this time of Pandamic. We owe a great debt of gratitude for all the Swedish parents association for their unconditional love and care for these children and school for not stopping their support in the  hour of need.
All the staff members have to attend the school 4 days week . It’s a mandatory. We personally visiting the children and families educating them with the COViD information, giving health and hygiene classes, bring awareness about the disease and disease control. The Volkswagen has also insisted us to conduct some awareness building programmes in the respective villages of the children along with their families. 
The government announced orally that the schools will be reopened by the first week of September. But no clear government order was issued so far.
The COViD cases are increasing every day in Andhrapradesh. It reached to 10000 cases per one single day. Andhrapradesh stood in 3rd place in our country by the number increase. Mortality is low but the cost of the private hospital was outrageous. No common person can meet the medical expenses. The government is much worried that the number will increase by September will rival against Brazil, Italy and USA.
it’s only going to get worse; Andhra Pradesh now has the fastest doubling time for any large state, with cases doubling in less than 11 days, twice as fast as the national average.
No beds are available in the hospitals, private hospitals no way, many are afraid to get checked medically, no maintenance of social distance and many other issues are involved in the increase of the COViD cases.
If at all the schools get started the government is making a list to be done at all the private schools like us. We are waiting for the government decision.
Thankyou once again for your big hearts for supporting us during this Pandamic. Hope and pray that everything will settle down soon and we will be praying for Sweden and other countries globally being effeted  with COViD cases that they should be restored back.
With Kind Regards,
Alice and Staff