Alice brev till faddrarna

Dear Swedish Parents

Now it is raining in our state Andhra pradesh. It is really fun watching the rainwater flowing from the mountains near by into the school campus and ultimately join in the small creek near by. We thank the Lord for protecting all of us in this terrible summer. It is good to see the rain. Children love to play with the hand made paper boats sailing in the rainy water, but I am little afraid if I allow them to play in the rain it will cause cold,cough and fever. Childhood never comes, so I allow them to play in the rain only for a little while because they need some sweet memories. Afterall we all living in a busy world where we dont find time to enjoy the nature.

All the children enjoyed the food in the summer especially the icecream,,soft drinks and mangoes. One of the boy in the childhome commented that he has seen Icecream and cool drinks only in the Television and in the shops.He has only seen the pictures of them and never tasted how it is like.I praise God for the great hearts of the Swedish parents for making their dreams come true.

We are rising some chicken in the childhome. One of the chicken became hen and it started laying eggs.But the problem is that this hen is laying eggs in the garden some where and it has become diffult to search the eggs. So, we are praying and planing to build a small shed for them.

We have given some extra fertilizers to the growing plants. Now they look nice and healty. Some of the plants we planted last year died because of the heavy summer. So, this year we would like to replace them with new ones.We hope that this year we will get suffient rain fall and the small canal next to the Childhome will be filled with full of water, so that Children can swim. They really miss swimming.

We have caste system in India. Who ever make their livelihood with their work that is their caste. For example if some one collects your clothes wash and iron them and brings back home to you is a washerman caste. It is fun to watch that the washer men will collect the clothes in the village from the families and brings them to the canal near by and washes them and takes them home. Like this we have every caste for every work. Example,cobblers,goldsmith,Carpenters,Plumbers,Builders,Barbers,Butchers,Shepperds, and so on.

The building of the chidhome is leaking because of the continuos rain. They were build 40 years ago and they are only build with lime stone not with the concrete. So, there are many leakages in the main building. We are praying that the Lord will strengthen our hands to do the neccessary repairs to aviod the furthur damage. The other major problem was during the night we are facing severe power problem because of the heavy wind. For the past 15 days we have only power for three nights. It was cool and windy during the night. We lit candles in our rooms.

Once again dear parents thank you for your love and support. It is so wonderful to have some one  overseas thousands of miles away from us,from different culture, different colour, giving their valuble time and money for the unknown foreigners and sharing their great love to these most deprived ones in NEED.

Thank you for making theirs come to true and helping us in this great work.

There may be many rich Indians in India and abroad makes more money than you and you may get a question why we should we support this since Sweden has also so many homeless people. My answer is. It is not the money that makes the difference it is the HEART that responds to the need and of course money is also a big factor. Thank you very much for supporting us. We all will be praying for you all and hope to see some of you visiting us.

With Love,

Alice and Children from the Childhome