Alice thanking the Swedish parents for Solar System

Dear Swedish Parents,’

Greetings to you all. On behalf of the Hope Children I am very much thankful to you for providing the solar system at the Childhome in Challagundla,India.
We have been suffering with powercut problem for many years and didnot find a way for that till Mr.Samuel Tideman’s family visited our Childhome. It is
very providential that Mr.Samuel visited this childhome 3 years ago and has personally wittnessed our inability to find a way to fix the proper power solution
at the childhome. During his visit to the childhome last year i.e 2013 we have expressed that we bearly need a help to fix an alternative to have power in the
childhome and we finally came with a solution that the Solar System will help us to over come with the Power problems and we expressed the same with him. Mr.Samuel
has been very kind enough to respond to the need and He immediately shared with you all and with many other people whom he has been acquanted. We are also very much
Thankful to the Tolvskillngshjälpen for supporting this project.

We are very much happy for fixing the Solar at the Childhome. Now we will have no power problem anymore. We can study in the nights and can sleep peacefully.
Even we have street lights, so that we can see the whole school ground in the night, No problem to go into the bathrooms and tiolets during the night. Words can
not express our gratitude and how much happy we are with the solar power now. Prior to this the Power will go off in the moring by 6 am and will back by evening 6 pm
So, we have to postpone all the works to evening which needs power. Now we can do our routine works during the daytime also. Since we will be having power in the daytime now the people can work day and night with out wasting much time. The Children can use the fans and lights to getrid of the mosquitos.

This is difenetly a great help for the disabled and orphaned children in the needy time. We can even fetch the water from the borewell during the day time with out any
electric power, only with the support of the Solar energy. Now over dreams have come true and enjoying the reality. Our heartfelt thanks to all the donars of the the Solar System where many rich people do not have this oppurtunity. Thank you once again for your love and concern and for your immediate response in the time of need.

Mr.Samuel Tideman has fixed the ground with cement and other meterial to look nice and made convenient to the crawling children. Now the the ground is very clean and looks nice.

The old plastic water tank on the top of the roof was broken down it the bottom which is unable to store the water in and Mr.Samuel fixed the new water tank and also helped us to pull the motor from the ground which is causing problem in
pulling the water from the ground and he helped to place a new one.This water tank will help the children for cooking, and washing the dishes in the dining.

Children watched 2 movies in the childhome with Mr.Samuel on the big screen and had lot of fun.We ate snacks and drank the soft drinks while watching the movies which never happened in the history of the Childhome, it truely is a new experience to all of us.

We had a great love feast with all the children and guests from outside the childhome. Every body were so happy with the generousity of the Swedish people and for your concern for the needy Children in India.

Mr.Samuel helped us to fix the ground at the borewell supported by the Swedish Parents during his last visit in 2013 by putting a cememt flooring around it
to avoid the sinking of the ground.

If I have keep on thanking you, I will have no space to write about your love and concern. Once, again from the bottom of my heart I express my heartfelt thanks
to all the Swedish parents, Swedish Donars, and freinds for your great love. We hope and look forward to see you in person in the near future and pray that
this bond of love will continue in the future to give a new hope to these needy children in India.

With Love,
Alice and Children
Hope Childhome, Challagundla