Alice berättelse

Dear Friends,

I am Alice Arunmai aged 40 years. I live in a small village called challagundla which is 250 kilometres from Hyderabad and 440 kilometers from Madras. I am the youngest in the family and I have an elder sister married with two children. She lives overseas. My father served as the General Secretary for the Baptist Churches in Andhra Pradesh, in India and died in the year 1992. I went to college in the Riverside Baptist College,California for my Theaological education in 1990 and I did two years of my education in US and return back to India due to my father’s sudden demise. I did not go back to continue my education in US since I have to take care of mother and the School for the Differently Challanged in challagundla, India which my father established.

The year 1995 was a remarkable year in my life and I was just like any other normal girl till 1995.

A major car accident changed my life and has shown the new perspective in my young life. I was severely injured my right hand huramours broke into fragments and I under went many surgeries. I was hospitalized for almost one whole year in Madras and I ultimately ended up as fuctionally handicapped.

My father and my mother visited the Para Olympic games meant for the Physically Handicapped persons which were held in the Netherlands in the year 1980 while they both were attending a church programme in Netherlands and the Church pastor’s family took them to those games. My parents were very much impressed and moved by the spirit of the players those are participating in the games. They both prayerfully took a decision and started this school in the year 1980 to support and help the differently challanged children in Andhra pradesh, India. My parents both have had good experience in running the schools and orphanages since 1969. They both rendered their services to the baptist organization in various capacities.

Since after the car accident in my life I started to think about my own life and came to know and experience the pain and agony being a person left alone because of their physical disability. Then I took a decision and gave my life to the Lord and I committed my life to serve the people in need. Ever since then the Lord will never let me down and I never turned back. Many turns in my life and I have faced many hurdles in running this Children Home regarding finances. Many times I thought that I cannot run this any more but when I see my Children innocent cheerings faces I get new energy and strength.

Finally, The Lord had opened a door to strengthen my ministry through brother Sam’s family. Words cannot express my gratitude. Many are blessed by this children home, But Sam is the only person who returned back and doing the best he can to the Children. It is clearly said in the Bible that many are being blessed by the Jesus miracles only one person returned and proclaimed the Good news. Many people went in the way of Jericho, but only one Good Samaritan stood for the right cause.

I want thank you all from the bottom of my heart that the families who are supporting the children home, India. It is not that easy to convince the minds of the people in abroad what they have not experienced before. I appreciate your concern and care for the needy in in India, though you have not experienced personally. I can understand that God gave such loving heart for you to support the Children. Now we all are one family and I thankyou one and all for being a part this ministry. I am praying and hope that the Lord will certainly give us an oppurtunity and we will able to see each other personally. I promise you that the money sent for the children will be get used only for the children. If you have any doubts feel free to ask me through Sam, I would love to clarify it.

In this regard I want appreciate brother Sam and his family for taking all pain to support this children school with like minded people like you all. It is not an easy task to gather you all togather and bring oneness in all. My heart felt thanks goes to Brother Sam and Elizabeth for their tireless and endless efforts, Because this support is really a great help to us in the time of need. No help is small, Helping is Caring, Caring is sharing, Sharing is proclaiming the Good news.

With kind regards