Dear Swedish Parents,

Greetings to you from RGMH School, Challagundla , India. We are giving the report for 2 months i.e March and April 2022.
Hope all is fine at your end. We all are doing great and surviving in this hot summer.
Summer heat is terrible reaching to 46 degrees. Heat waves were blowing with temperature reaching to 46 degrees.
Our school is running from 7:30 am to 1:00 pm. All the children are preparing for the final exams. The primary means 1st to 5th grades have completed their exams. High school children will appear for their exams till 6th of May. Hopefully the holidays will be declared from 14th May 2022. As usual 25 children with cook, attender will be staying with the children along with Mom Alice.
Since Narasaraopet has made the district head quarter we should be very cautious about the officers visit. All the main offices are located in Narasaraopet. This year the government strictly said that there is no admission for the normal orphan children in the children home along with the differently Abled children. They use to consider few normal orphans on humanitarian grounds for the past many years. Now they have changed their policy and strictly confined to only difficulty Abled. If at all we give admission that is our responsibility to feed the orphan children. I would like to have detail discussion with the Swedish parents association and Samuel with regard to their continuity in the Childrenhome.
No kitchen garden was planted for this 3 months March, April and May. We prepare the ground in June with organic compost and do the weeding get it prepared for the monsoon season for new plantation.
Necessary measures have been taken to protect the children from heat. No child is allowed from afternoon 2:00pm to 4:30 pm out side to avoid the sun stoke. This year the sola system is working perfect and children are blessed to have the solar connection in the newly constructed dorms. Now both the school and new children home and even dining hall is utilising the solar energy. Thanks for the Swedish Parents and VWEFoundarion for their philanthropic help and their Love for the most needy.
I have a discussion with the higher officers of the differently Abled department to run some vocational training courses for the differently Abled school finished young students. They said that they do not have any provision for their feeding. If we find source for the young students they said they will consider the request and try to help these children with vocational training with sewing, computer education, cell phone mechanism, plumbing, beauty courses etc. I still need to get more clarification from the government about their participation. Otherwise it will be ended with discussions only. No execution. So I need little more time to get clarification from the district magistrate .
One child got meritorious scholarship from the government and got admitted in the government
Girls school. The government will bare all her expenses till she finishes her collage. Her name is Deena.
Thankyou once again for your Love , Care and Support. We will be ever thankful to you for all the support you have been giving us through out these years with an unfailing Love.
Thanking you,
Alice and Children.

Letter to Swedish Parents- February 2022

Dear Swedish Parents ,

Greetings to you all from RGMHS, Challagundla, India. Finally, we all said good bye to please tell winter and entered into Hot Summer. Temperatures are increasing day by day. The weather reporter says that this summer is going to terrible. Water canals were stopped for agriculture and only little water will be allowed for drinking purpose. School are going to be run on long sessions from 15th March which means 7:00 am to 1:00 pm and tuition classes from evening 4 pm to 6 pm since the schools were stared late last year.
All the children are preparing diligently for the exams. No children were complained with any health issues.
Children got an opportunity to participate in a seminar conducted by VWEF on climate
Changes and protecting the environment. Few of the boys and girls were given some training on for 3 days in Vijayawada Chiguru. This was really useful 3 resource persons from different areas shared their experiences and gave lectures on protecting our environment and Earth. There were classes also identifying the medicine plants in our area which the Ancient Indians were using and are still in existence. We have identified such plants in our school campus and we all took an oath that we will protect and preserve them for future is really very good learning experience for all us.
Import events happened in February 2022 at school campus:
Regi Sir from Tdh Bangalore visited along with another coordinator Challagundla for 3 days and varified the sponsored items given by VWEF, Germany and gave a satisfactory report. They both had an interaction with both children and staff.
VWEF sponsored items for 2021:
1. Beams and pillars for the compound wall around the school campus for an extent of 400 meters a worth of Rs 1100000 ( 130000  Swedish kronars).
2. 10 solar street lights worth of Rs 290000
 ( 36000 Swedish kronars)
3. 16 batteries for solar lights in the school and dormitory since our old batteries were worn out.
Cost Rs 240000 ( 30000 Swedish kronars)
Totally a worth of 200000 Swedish kronars were spent for the infrastructure development of the school and children.
Children  asked for a new school building but they said since it is a big project and Tdh will not support any infrastructure development they cannot consider this request. More over Rajiv Gandhi Memorial High School for Differently Abled is the only exception in their project being given support to the infrastructure under special school category. We do not know whether it is the word from VWEF or Tdh Bangalore. But said we will inform the same to our Swedish parents. We hope that Sam and Swedish parents will take a decision over it to proceed further.
Children are planning for a farewell program by the end of this month inviting all our former students. I will give the details very soon.
Very happy to inform you that a team of our children a 4 number are visiting near by schools for one hour  once with in a week giving presentations on protecting the earth and environment by separating the plastic waste, glass and iron waste. Children are also encouraging the other children to raise organic gardens in their school areas. This is wonderful program going on for the past one month and many schools are appreciating us taking
Thanks for the support and care you have given to all of us and we come with more updates in my next report. All these developments are possible through your support only. Thanking you all for all the Love and Care you are showing on
us by moulding us as best  citizens .
Thanking you,
Alice and children.

Letter to Swedish Parents

Dear Swedish Parents,
Greetings to you all. We welcome you all into this New Year 2022. Thanks for your generous support for the past years. Especially,we will never forget the care and support you have given to us during this Pandamic. Our heartfelt thanks goes with you for your unconditional Love and Support you have extended to us.
Things are settling down gradually. Children are very busy with their academic education. They have to cover most of their syllabus by the end of April since there is a long gap in schooling in 2021. School timings were changed to 9:30 am to 4:00 pm with a one hour lunch break. Government hostel has not recruited any of the new staff. There is still Vacancy for the watch man, and also Kruparao’s place is not filled yet.
We requested many times and keep on sending reminders to allot new staff but no response from the government authorities.
All children were done with COViD test out of them 5 children were detected with omicron. But when we sent to the chief doctor in Narasaraopet he advised since most of the children are
Suffering with seasonal cold , cough and
Fever nothing to worry about. So we took special care for those affected children and they recovered very well in few days.
He government has extended the retirement  age for the employees from 60 years to 62 since they have no money to pay the pension bills. So, Brahmaih and other staff are not going to retire for another 3 more years. It’s a big relief for all us.
I will come up with more updates in my next mail.
Thanks once again for your Love, Care and Support.
Thanking you,
With Love,
Alice and Children.

Letter to Swedish Parents 2021 December

Dear Swedish Parents,
Greetings to you all. We are very happy to inform you that we together stared our journey j10 years ago and we are going to celebrate the decinnial ( completion of ten years partnership) celebrations in 2022.
We are very thankful for the support and help given Swedish parents through tout these past years even in the tough times like COViD situations. Many developments took place in terms of infrastructure and especially building the careers of the differently Abled children. Our lives has been transformed and through educational support and also by providing disable friendly environment.
We wish that the Swedish Parents team can visit us in 2022 if not 2023 to celebrate the joyous occasion together the Decinnial and the 40 years of school establishment together.
We are happy that no child is affected with any COViD cases. We are taking necessary measures maintenaning healthy environment in the school and children home.
At present the government has postponed the idea of surrendering  the staff from the private management like us. But this is temporary. May in the future they may ask again to take away the staff since it’s a big financial burden to government to maintain the management schools. Since our school is special school we hope that there may little exemption otherwise we have to run on our own.
Special events 2021:
1.The Volkswagen has supported for beams and beams and pillars to the school ground which is a worth of 134000 Swedish kronars. It’s is only for the construction of beams and pillars not the brick wall. Now we have find support to build the worth for which I will be submitting the proposal soon  to Swedish parents for the completion of the brick wall.
2. 10 solar street lights were given to the school and children home .
3. A set of batteries were given for the solar system.
This is the main help we receive from VWEF Germany this year for our school and children home for which are very thankful to them.
One preschool was stared for the preschool children from the hillside tribal community. 25 children were enrolled in the preschool.
Academically children  are studying deligiently and working hard since the school started officially in September 2021. More assignments and more hours of study for which I am not convinced since children need time for sports and recreation to lead a healthy life.
This year we lost 5 of our dear ones who stood with us for the past 50 years. We hope and Pray that we all will be in a safe during this 3rd wave because we have been warned about the 3rd variant Omicron.
We Pray and Hope we all will be free soon from COViD 19 and will lead a normal life.
Thanks once again for all your LOVE, CARE and SuPPORT especially for Samuel tideman for his tireless efforts Swedish parents for their unconditional Love  and for all the donars and Sponsers who has been great pillars in building the careers of these most needy children.
With Love,
Alice and Staff

Dear Swedish Parents,

Greetings to you all. I am very happy to inform you all that the childrenhome has been reopened from September 1st 2021. The government has given permission to start the schools again and now accorded permission to start the children home. Now we have 65 children in our home.
We have taken all precautions including sanitising the children home, pest control, mosquito repellent spraying etc.
This year we have had a major problem with  mosquito bites since all the agricultural fields are springing up with activities. There is a big treat of Dengue fever also. Many children suffered with viral fevers and we have put them to good medical care.
Now for us it has been a big challenge to bring the children back into normal life. I personally found that disciplinary norms should be maintained back by the staff interns of education, food etc since they have spend 2 years back at their homes doing nothing. More over these
Children need special care and attention.So we are giving health and hygiene classes, moral instruction classes, giving more time for games and extra cuticular activities since they have to spend more time on education to complete the academic syllabus by Feb 2022.
The former students of RGMHS are going to celebrate an Old studentAlumni on the October 9th 2021 with a gathering of 300 students. We actually planned it in the month of January 2022 during Sam visit. But since we are unable to know the travel ban we felt that we will start with in this year and will conclude in January 2022 commomarating the 40 year’s celebrations.
We wanted to express our gratitude to the Swedish parents association also for continuing their support with us for the past 1 years which is called a Deccinial celebrations.
Thanks for all the support you have extended for us for all these past years and years yet to come.
Thanking you,
With Love,
Alice and children.