Dear parents

Thank you so much for all the efforts you have taken to fix the Solar system at the Childhome in India. I have recieved half of the payment, on the 4th of Jan 2014. I went to Vijayawada to visit the solar plant in person and I spoke with Mr.Varma. He said that they will fix the solar panels by the 19th of Jan just before your coming and then after your arrival they will fix the entire system in two days. I am going to pay 50% of the amount tomorrow and I look forward to see you pay the rest of he amont to Mr. Varma directly.
I am quite satisfied with the Solar unit at Vijayawada and happy with their demo.
Mr. Varma came to Challagundla last night and we sat together and discussed for the furthur requirements.
Mr.Varma advised me to fix an wodden flooring by raising 9 inches from the existing floor level. He also advised me to put Iron grills to protect the batteries from the children. We will get 16 batteries 8 in one series and another 8 in the next series altogether 16 battaries.
The total cost for the labour,cement,sand,wood, and Iron grills it will be Rs 18000.
This structure is being built in the girls dormitory.
Regarding the Solar lights
Mr. Varma advised to fix the L.E.D lights instead of regular tube lights to save the power consuption.
Each LED light is 18 volts equal to 40 volts tubelight.
Each LED light costs aroung Rs 1500———– 10 lights required
LED 7 volts bulbs——- Rs 5500
each Streat light cost-  Rs 2500——————– 6 lights required
with an IP casing.
The total cost for the lights————————Rs 35000-40000
The Benefits of LED lights
1. 50% of the power consupmtion will be less by the regular tubes
2. It gives an average of 5 years life and a replacement warrenty for 2 years.
4. The chouks,bulbs,starters in the reurular tubes are all in built in LED lights
This is the information I got on the Solar lights. Decesion is yours, since I do not know whether our budget will permit us to buy this or not.
Feel free to call me if you have any douts. S
We are going to miss Elisabeth,Alex and Martina.
With Love,