Dear Swedish Parents,

Greetings to you all. All the children are doing great and find in good health.
The climatic conditions in the State of Andhra pradesh are changing now. Actually, this is the rainy season,but  we find no rains for the past two months. Every year we will have minimum rain fall during the months of July and August,but this year we have not even had one single rain during these two months.It hardly drisseled for few hours on certain days.
The weather used to be very cool and windy during this season at the Childhome, Because we have big water storage tank in hundreds of acres right behind the childhome meant for the people for the purpose of  drinking and agriculture. This year the tank is empty because there is no water inflow and the atmosphere is very dry and sunny.

Now the weather report is showing a ray of hope that the rains will occur for these three days due to the depression in the bay of Bengal.we all are waiting for good rains.
Children in the Childhome are growing in good health and enjoying the nutritious food they are being given by you. They love chicken curry and eggs and the day that they get rice they will come to the dining room very early.I hope and pray that the rice they get from the government will be good. We give rice twice in a week,and that is their day. They are also enjoying the extra breakfast given to them. The Press people who visited the childhome expressed that this childhome is far better than before and they appreciated the fecilities that children have and they even ate with them.

One of the girl named sunny rani is awarded with national merit scholarship which covers her educational expenses until she completes her 10th grade. Now she is studying 7th grade in the Childhome.This year we have good number of admissions in the childhome. One of the newly admidtted boy is a dumb boy, but miraculaously he started speaking after joining in the Childhome and his parents expressed that he never spoke a word when he is at home and he only communicated with the sign language. Now this boy started speaking little and communicating with others. His name is Sk.Saida belongs to Muslim community and he is verymuch intrested in painting.

Children are asking for the washing machines which helps them to wash their clothes especially to wash their blankets and bedsheets. It has become difficult for them to ringe and drain the wet clothes and dry them. Children use to do this for many years. When Mr.Krupa rao was alive he use to help them in washing. Since after his death the government has not appointed any in his place because our State of Andhrapradesh has been bifurcated and now the government is struggling to fill the vacancies.

We are anxiously waiting for Mr.Sam and his team from Sweden and we hope to see some of the parents would join with them this year to expereince and witness the Childhome with their own eyes.

We saw in the news that Sweden is in the first European country giving sheter to the refuges from all over the European,middle east,and south american countries and  we felt very proud of you,since we are experiencing your love and warmth for all these years through your great philanthropic works at the childhome in India.
Though you are a small country and even small in number you have a Big heart that responds to the needs of others, which brings cheer and happiness in many lives. We respect you and honour your valuble works and proud to say that this childhome is experiencing the great compassion and love of Swedish folks.

Thankyou verymuch for your support and help and hope to see this mighty work will be continued in future to bring smile in many faces and gives great hope to many lives.

With love,
Alice and Children
Childhome, Challagundla