Dear Swedish parents,

Greetings to you all.  Thankyou very much for all the support and care you are giving to us and especially for the nutrious food you are providing for us. Now it is terribly hot and the temperature reached to 46 degrees during the day time.
School starts by 7 am and finishes by 12.30 pm through out this summer. It is little difficult to adjust the breakfast time. We will have the breakfast during the break time around 8.30am.
We are drinking the milk in the early hours and washing our clothes in the afternoon. Thankyou very much for the milk, extra breakfast and extra curry. These special food fills our tummy. If we eat with the food that the government provides to us we all will be left with half filled stomachs and hungry. We all owe a great debt of gratitude for the womderful care you are taking for us.
This year we are facing little water problem in the childhome, because the ground water level has drastically gone down. We hope we will overcome this problem by the rainy season.
All the children are busy with the schooling and enjoying computer education. I really feel that these children are really blessed to have computer education which is a great requirement for their future.
We all are sleeping outdoor and we poorly need mosquito nets to protect from the mosquito bites.
Once again Thankyou very much for all your love and concern.

With love,
Alice and children ,
Hope childhome, challagundla