Dear Swedish Parents,

Greetings to you all. Thankyou very much for your constant help and support. We have had a heavy summer this year also. We just entered into the rainy season but did not find any rain so far. The weather is windy during the day time and sultry during the night. It is 34 degrees now during the day. This year we have problem with small Mosquitos.we are finding them during the day and night threw out the whole day. We are using the mosquito repellent coils to getrid of them but there are millions of small Mosquitos every where.
All the children are doing fine and we got new admissions. We came to know how fortunate we are to able to provided with best food,facilities and accomadation only after taking the new admissions. The newly joined children expressed that they are very happy staying along with the other physically challanged children in this childhome. The newly joined children said that they didn’t have minimum facilities at their homes and even in the schools where they were sent before.
We are very thankful to Sam, Johan, all the Swedish parents and Tolvskillinsanhalpen for helping us and with the best in the world. This month a roman catholic service organization distributed cloth for school dress and some empty notebooks. The cloth is unstiched and needs to be cut and sew. One old student belongs to Muslim community arranged a delicious dinner to all the children and staff. His name is B.Saidavali working as a photographer. I feel proud about him since he expressed his gratitude by feeding the children with chicken and sweet.
The fruits to the trees are in a early stage and ripen yet,but because of the heavy winds they are falling off to the ground.
We are happy for the renovation of the old buildings and thankful to parents association
and Tolvskillinsanhalpen for making it possible by supporting and helping us with new projects every year.
We celebrated the Muslim festival Ed Ul Fitr( Ramdan) on the 7th of July. We enjoyed eating Hallem a festival delicacy on that particular day. Thank very much for that delicacy. One of the Muslim visitor served sweet on this day and we enjoyed eating the food.
All the children are studying well and some of the children are very poor in education and we are planning some innovative programs for them like farming,gardening.
Once again Thankyou very much for all your Love Care and Concern for giving Hope in our lives and paving a better path in these young children’s lives.

With love,
Alice and children
Hope childhome
Challagundla, India