Dear Swedish Parents,

Greetings to you all from Hope Childhome- Challagundla.  Thankyou very much for your love,care and continuos support. Here we are experiencing a combination of mixed weather this year. Sometimes it’s raining and some time it is very hot. This month we had very good rains. I don’t remember the dates but for 2 days it went on pouring. The rain started during the night and remained for 2 continuos days.
The news said that there was no such big rain in the past 40 years around Challagundla area. No power for 2 days,no vegetable markets,no grocerssary stores,and no schools. The beauty of the childhome is since it is built on the hillside what ever the water flows from the hill top it joins in the near by canal. Since the land is full of rocks and stones there will is not even a single drop remained in the ground after 3 days and no stagnation of water.
We all had a different experience during this rain. Since there is no big common room for all the children, the boys and girls remained in their dormitories and we faced very bad sanitation problem. The class rooms were filled with water since the eastern entrance is open. But we are happy for the rains and the trees and plants in the childhome need it.
The children suffered with skin allergies especially few girls had severe problem. We took them to the doctor and they have been treated carefully and healed now.
This year also we had a big struggle with 5 villages. On the 5th of September Indian people celebrated ”Vinayaka Chavithy” a Hindu festival. People worship a God with Elephant head. They believe that this God will help them for success. They celebrate it for 10 days. They create an image of this god with mud,clay and plaster of paris  and size will depend on the financial status. After 10 day they will immerse this statue in the water.
For this festival people offer vegetables,green leaves and branches to this God. This tradition has became a big threat to the school and childhome. Since there is no big ground with full of trees and greenery all the people from 5 villages around the childhome rushes into the campus and tears the leaves and cut down the branches.
This headache starts by the early in the morning. Hundreds of people come early even befor the sunrises. They come with tourch lights and bags to collect the leaves and branches.
It has become very difficult to control the public. I complained inthe police station many times but there is no action taken by them. The police say if it one person we will take action,but there are hundreds of people and on whom we can take action”. We were really wounded with this festival and been suffering with the people for the past many years since there is no compound wall.
 In North India people celebrate this festival in a grand manner. Very recent years only this festival got popularity in South India. If I keep on writing there will no end in complaining on the situation we have gone through.

Children are enjoying the computer education and getting prepared for the sports to be held in the last week of November. We also anxiously waiting for the arrival of Samuel tideman and the friends from Sweden. Thankyou somuch for all the new projects and making all the efforts to give a better life for us.  We love you somuch and keep praying for you all .

With love,
Alice and children
Hope childhome, Challagundla.