Dear Swedish Parents,

Greetings to you all. We all are sending our Love to you for your continuous support and care. Now the temparature here is 29 degrees celcius during the day and cool during the night. If we look at the day we feel like summer has already entered but nights seems better.
Children will start sleeping out side with in very few days. The weather report says from 25th Feb onwards there will be many changes in the weather and night will also have high temparatures.

We really had a great time with Samuel’s family and with Johan. We feel sorry for Martina since she fell ill and we are praying for her speedy recovery. We owe a great debt of gratitude for both Sam and Johan for spending their time and money(major support from the Swedish Parents) for us to fix the best for the benifit of the children. We observed with an awe how they delt with situation, circumstances and people and we respect for their interest to set the things in order. We felt that cerntainly we need to learn from you people with regard to the time management, discipline, financial managment etc. We felt that we definetely need to learn more from you in the days to come.

Thank you for fixing 7 new computers for us. Even corporate schools dosenot have these fecilities to learn computer education. Thanks for the AC and for all the extra care you have taken for us. Children are enjoying learning computers.
Thanks for the Sewing machines you have provided to us for this year. Learning sewing is much fun. We are not still got to use the machines and children are slowly learning the sewing since it deals with the electric motor to run.
On the 26th of January we celebrated republic day celebrations and we invited the government officials to hoist the Indian flag. Who ever visits the school they are appreciating for the accomadation, fecilities and for maintaing the clean environment. The credit goes to the Swedish parents for supporting us and educating us with the help of our visionary friends Sam and Johan.
This year we wanted to plan for the kitchen garden. We did this in the previous years but failed in terms of protection and selection of seeds. With the previous expereince we have learned some lessons and we are taking the neccessary measures to succeed in this.
On the 1st of march one of the primary school teacher Mr.Victor babu is going to retaired.

Thank you once again for your care,support and encouragement.

With Love,
Alice and Children,
Hope Childhome, Challagundla