Dear Swedish Parents,

Greetings to you all. The summer strom is continuing in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Hear waves are hitting with 45-48 degrees celcius. At present the government has warned us not to come out during the afternoon since the weather records the highest temperature during the day.
We are providing water with salt and sugar to avoid dehydration to the children. The water from the pipes are boiling during the day and it is continuing through out the night some times. The weather report says that the temperature may rise after 18th of this month. We are taking all precautionary measures to protect us from the summer heat.
One physically challanged girl from narasaraopet celebrated her birthday at our childhome. She happened to visit our childhome first time and was verymuch impressed and donated a cooling water dispenser to the children. This girl is in collage and she stood first in the annual exams in the town of Narasaraopet. Both her parents are verymuch moved and inspired by the noble work that you have been carrieing in this childhome.
Her parents took some motivating classes to the grown up girls by explaining how to handle their lives with out peer pressure and some moral instruction classes for them to learn to control their teenage emotions and they promised us that they will come once in a month along with their children to give some moral encouragement to our children for which we all are really blessed for.
Mango season has stared now and we all are enjoying eating mangoes. Ice apples are also summer special in south India. It is a fruit from a different palm tree. People drink wine from this fruit and eat the pulp of the fruit which is full of calcium and juice.
Children are learning computer education with special interest.
Thankyou verymuch for you for providing Air conditioner in the computer room. Children are experiencing the cool breeze for. The AC first time in their life. They all are sending their love to you for this new facility.
Thankyou verymuch for you all for your continuos love,care and support. And for the new projects.

With Love,
Alice and Children
Hope childhome, Challagundla