Dear Swedish Parents,

Greetings to you all. Thank you verymuch for the tapes for our cots. We are weaving them to our cots now. Thankyou verymuch for supporting Goutamreddy a boy in the childhome having urine control problem by providing diapers to him. That was a great help for him since he has been suffering for years. Thanks is a small word for your help. We cherish all these remarkable support we receive from you through out our life.
We really had severe summer this year. Every year we feel the same that summer is super hot. But this year the temperature went upto 47 degrees to 48. We had really hard time this year to keep the children in safe side. Everyday we poured the water on the flour of boys and girls dormitory to control the heat. We kept the wet curtains inside the dorms to keep the temperature cool. Both didn’t work this year. The moment we make them wet they got dried with in few hours.
Finally we heard that the mansions will hit the state by the 2nd week of June and we hope they get in time. The tree in the compound look healthy and green. This is not the opinion we express, this is a great compliment we got from the department of education in Guntur District.
People suffered for regular and drinking water in Challagundla village but not the childhome.
We have got sufficient water for our daily use and to grow plants. Thanks to Swedish parents association.
We had a visit from Volkswagen people from Bangalore to see the ongoing projects run by the Swedish parents. They really appreciated the marvelous work done by and still continuing by Samuel Tideman,Swedish parents association and Tolvskillingshjalpen in providing better facilities and improved educational skills. Thankyou verymuch for you all for making us known to the other world.
Children are healthy and happy at the childhome. Now they have become our Ambassodors in promoting the childhome and bringing the most deserved children into the childhome.

Thankyou once again for your Love,Care and Support and keeping your trust on us.

With Love,
Alice and Children,
Hope Childhome.

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