Dear Swedish Parents,

Greetings to you all. We are very thankful to the Swedish Parents and all the Swedish donars for your great concern and care. Thank you very much for all you did to us and all the marvellous work done by Brother Samuel Tideman to support us in India.

Children are very happy for the Solar lights and fans in the Childhome. Few of the girls expressed that they have read in their school books and never drempt that it will come true in their lives since it is very expensive and they said that the Swedish love made it possible.

Many of the people from outside and some other schools came and visited the system, even the hotel people on the road came said that when the power has gone during the night the school campus still have lights. when they see far from the road they said that the school is looking beatiful with the lights on.

The most wonderful thing to observe is  getting water during the day time when the power was gone. We were afraid of the severe summer every time since the childhome is located on the hilly area, but now we are looking for more day light and we are not bothered about the summer heat,because the more sunlight we have the more solar energy we get. So, this summer is going to be lovely.

The boys and girls has come forward to adopt a plant to water it every day and to see how it grows. The little boys booked their beds under the solar fan in the school room and the older ones does not want to come out of their dorms.

It is so wonderful to watch them enjoying the Solar Power. My heart felt thanks to all the swedish people who has been a part of supporting this great project.

I would like to quote a sence in this regard. I do not know  who the author is but it really touched my heart and it goes like this ” If I ever have a single light to be burn…I would rather light in a land filled with darkness rather than a world flooded with light”.This is what you exactly did. You have filled our hearts and lifes with your love and commitment.

With Love