Dear Swedish Parents,

Greetings to you all. Thankyou verymuch for the support you are extending to us. All the children are doing great and enjoying and learning many things at the childhome. It would not possible with out your support what we were today.
The climate here is getting little better. We had a very good rain for two days and the climate has changed now. We are experiencing mixed weather. Some days it is really hot and for some days it’s is cool. Still there are no canals opened and no water in our near by canal. Because of the rain there is greenery every where in the childhome. Staff and children are working really hard to clean the ground and we are facing severe mosquito problem since there is much grass. We wanted to spray the pesticide and weed killers inthe ground but we are afraid of the chicken.

The new children are enjoying their new home and the biggest problem we are facing with them is toilets. Most of the new admissions are not used to the indoor toilet system and they are used to the open air. We are teaching them how to use the toilets and they are learning slowly. I think it will take little more time for us to make them learn.
Children enjoy learning the computer education. Thankyou verymuch for all the wonderful support and help you are giving to us. This year we are afraid of the Ganesh festival because all the people celebrate on the 25 th of August. But it is really a sad day for us because hundreds of people throng to the childhome to pluck the flowers and branches to decorate the elephant God. We have informed the Government not to spoil the environment and still waiting for the action to be taken. Thankyou once again for your Love,Care and Concern. We love you all.

With love,
Alice and Children
Hope childhome Challagundla