Dear Swedish Parents,

Greetings to you all. Thankyou verymuch for your continuos support and constant care. The weather is getting better now. We had really good rains in the month of August. This year we we have cleaned the major part of the ground and we are planning for the kitchen garden. Right now we erected light weight iron fencing around the proposed kitchen garden to protect from the trespassing. This year we got good yielding of pomegranate fruits from our own childhome garden. Children really enjoyed eating them and we still have to put organic fertilizers to get more yielding.

This year we have succeeded controlling the throngs of the people entering into the ground for the festival on the 25th of August. We all were awake through out the night including Teachers children and the workers in the childhome taking the necessary measures to control the people from out side. We have put all the bushes and thorns along with border of the compound and for every 15 feet 3 people guarded the campus. Finally after much effort we could able control the people for some extent. Now the fencing bushes were dried and people started to cross the ground again. Hope we find a solution soon by building a compound wall around the childhome in future.
This year we got good number of admissions. Every child has a unique story and it melts our heart when we listen to them. They really got accustomed with childhome and are very happy. Two new twin boys Ramaih and Lakshmaih went home for a short visit and they have given this following statement after returning back to the childhome.  These boys belongs to shepprd caste they said after their return back to childhome ” That they miss Eggs, Chicken,fruits and good food at their own home. Most of the time they eat chutney at their home, once in a week dhaal is delicacy for them. Egg and chicken is like a distance moon to all of their family. They thought that they wanted spend much time at their residence but they cannot control themselves return back to the childhome early”.
We have conducted medical camp to the children. Most of the children had bad teeth and we have given classes to them on dental care and cleaning their hands after using the toilets. Some of the children had skin problems and we gave them medicine for scabies and itching.
This year we had much grass in the ground and we are facing sever mosquito problem. We are taking neccessary steps to over come this problem.
Once again Dear Parents Thankyou very much for your great Love and Concern for making this childhome one of the best abode.

With Love,
Alice and Children
Hope Childhome, Challagundla.