Dear Swedish Parents,

Greetings to you all. Thankyou verymuch for the your love care and support. Can’t believe that 9 months has passed away in the year 2017 and with in 3 months we all going to enter into another year. Thankyou for providing us with healthiest,nutritious meal, and taking care through medical help.

The temperature is now 30 degrees and we are entering into winter season. The weather in Challagundla is beautiful now and we are sure that you will definitely enjoy the climate in the months of Nov,Dec and Jan. As we always tell that our Christmas comes in every January We are anxiously looking forward for our Santa Clause from Sweden.
We planted tomatoes and brinjal (egg plant) and spinach and some greens in the kitchen garden. We are taking time to work half an hour every day in the kitchen garden. Children are enjoying by watering and weeding. We have put an iron fence around the kitchen garden to protect from the public which did worked out very well. It is so wonderful to grow our own garden from keeping away from the fertilizers. We are only using the organic products. Hopefully we can get our yielding by December.

Thankyou for providing the extra chicken once in the week. Children are enjoying their meal.  Four of our students appeared for merit scholarships and 3 of them succeded. Extra classes are being given to the children in Mathametics since we don’t have a regular Math teacher for the past few years. We are striving hard to get 100%result this year also since we have bagged up 100% result for the 4 consecutive years.
Once again we a want thank you all for helping us and giving Hope in our lives. Thankyou for making these Disabled children differently abled by giving your best.

With Love,
Alice and Children,
Hope Childhome, Challagundla