Dear Swedish Parents,

Greetings you all and find you all well from your end.

2 months were gone in the new year 2018 and still feels the presence of Sam with us.
Thankyou verymuch for your care and support. We are getting ready for our examinations.
The weather here is reaching o 40degrees mark and feeling terribly hot.
One of the uneven issue is usually we will have the trees shed their leaves from Nov to Jan. But this year the trees are still shedding their leaves which is an unusual situation.
Childhome looks wonderful during the spring. But this year we are experiencing a unique weather.
The weather forecast warned us it is is going to be really hot for ensuing months March,April and May and even the situation will continue up to June.
The government has already stared long School session from 7am to 1pm early this year because of the heat.
We are some how blessed to have many trees in the School and Childhome.
5 of the children got meretorious scholarships from the Government out of them 2 are girls.
Thankyou for providing with cooling water dispensers.
Now we could able to drink pure clean cool water in this summer….. How blessed we all are. Clean water for cooking and drinking.
The high corporate or Government schools doesn’t have this fesility where they collect money as school fees.
Children are enjoying their special breakfast Idly and chicken curry.
Actions speak louder than Words. This has been proved by our beloved Swedish Parents by their generous contributions and loving hearts.
Thankyou once again for extending your help to us with unceasing Love and Commitment. Thanks for filling our stomachs and hearts with help and Love.
Hope to see you this year at the Childhome.
You are our Big Christmas Gift.

With Love,
Alice and Children
Hope Childhome.