Dear Swedish Parents,

”Jag har missat att skicka Alice brev till faddrarna tidigare och skickar nu istället”

It gives me immense pleasure to write you this letter in the first of this New Year.

We had a great Christmas and we Celebrated the New year with New Hopes and Dreams. Thank you verymuch for taking wonderful care and showing your amazing Love to us by contributing your might to us for the past year.
This year we are blessed with Drinking water project. How blessed we are to drink pure and healthy water. Many might not have thin privilage a d oppurtunities but we do because of your unceasing Love and Care.
Thankyou for the good healthy nitritious diet and providing oppurtunities in the field of education.

We enjoyed the stay Samuel Tideman and miss the presence of Johan and other folks of Sweden. We enjoyed the party, trip to the New Capital City, New clothes, Shoes, and other eminities rhat has neen provided.
Thankyou verymuch for the cooling water dispensers for boys and girls and especially in the dining area. Thankyou very much for the flow of blessings.
Children are really fortunate to have Rolletars from Sweden and they are very much benificial to the crawling children.
Once again thankyou verymuch for the marvellous help you are giving to us and making it one of the best avode.
This year we took an oath and our slogan is ” Say no to Plastic”.
thanks for educating us and making us to learn the impprtance of the clean Environment. We will stick to our Word. No turning back.

With Love,
Alice and Children.