Dear Swedish Parents,

Greetings to you all. Thankyou verymuch for the support you have been giving to us.

Now we have entered into the real summer. The schools have started single sessions 7am to 1 ’0’clock in the afternoon. The India Meteorological Department warned that the average temparatures in most part of India especially two Telugu speaking states Andhra and Telangana are expected to be heavy between April to June.
Now the day temparature is 40 are taking neccessary measures to protect rhe children from the summer heat.

During this rime of the year, it is atmost importance to take proper care of skin as excessive sweating may lead to a hist of skin problems. The scorching heat has the tendency to damage the skin cells. Already some of the children got rashes and acne and they have been put to the proper care. The greatest blessi g for this year is drinking pure and cooling water from our own ground.

Thankyou somuch for the pure drinkimg wafer and the cool water dipensers.
The mango season has arrived. This year we are blessed with the good yeilding of mangoes, wood apple, Indian kiwis. Thankyou verymuch for the sewing instructor and children would be able to learn little sewing technics. The kitchen garden was over and again we are planting greens, cabbage and tomatoes. We are are having shortage of organic compost. Hope this summer we would be able buy the Compost near by villages
Thanyou once again for the great help you are extending to all of us.
More for your Love care and Concern.

With Love,
Alice and Children.