Dear Swedish Parents,

Greetings to you all. Thankyou verymuch for the support you are givjng to the Childhome.
We are blessed and enjoying the nutritious diet you are providing for us.
Now we are in the midist of hottest summer. The Indian Meteorological department has forecast a hot spring and a much hotter summer this year with an increase in temparatures. Now the temparature is 45 degrees Celsius during the day and we are expecting by the ends of the May it will reach upto 47-48 degeees Celcius.
We have taken neccessary measures to protect the Children from the summer heat and hot winds. Even though we have taken adequate care, we all jave become the cictims of Hot weather.
The most blessed part of Childhome is that we have enough of ground water levels. Where as people live in the main Village of Challagundla which is 2 kilometers away from us is suffering with water scarcity.
We have experienced that the ground prepared for the kitchen garden has proven a big source of water storage point since this place is made prepared to collect the rain water from the hill side.
This experiment helped us and reached our expectations to save and store the Rain Water which improved the Ground Water Levels.
This summer we have planted 3 varieties of Spiniach and egg plant again still waiting for the Tomato plants. We may get the seed by the end of May and the farmers are suggesting us not to go for tomato till the end of May.
Children are enjoying drinking the cool and clean fresh water from our own water plant.
We have been thinking to plant more Mango trees this year.
We are happy for the new projects going to spring up this year with the tireless efforts of Samuel and Parents association of Sweden.
Thankyou once again from the bottom of our hearts for the marvellous service you have been rendering to us.

Thanking you,
Alice and Children