Dear Swedish Parents,

Greetings to you all. These two months have been very busy months for the school and Childhome.
Somuch of work is going on in my He campus. Dry area is becoming fertile and green, vacant land is being covered with new constructions, kitchen Garden is blooming , Children growing healthy with nutritious diet filled with satisfied tummies,child home is filled with New admissions. Full of joy, enthusiasm,ahh, and Hope. More fun and happiness. Our stress with the work schedule has gone down when compared to the joy that we are having with the overall development in the Childhome.
You sow the seeds and e are enjoying the fruits. We have seen any new constructions over these 35 years but, now we are witnessing a great change in the Childhome.
We can even wait to enter into the New building. Children enjoying watering their dormitories. Girls helping He boys dormitory and boy watering the girls dorm.
We are eagerly waiting for our Swedish Parents to share our joy with them in Jan 2019.
Thankyou verymuch for the support you have been giving to the children and also for the help extended to the new admissions. The front ground was cleaned and wanted to plant some veggies . The front ground close to the main road has made as a playground.
The government has stared clean and green program in the rural and urban areas. We are proud to say that we stood first in maintaining the greenery and best in waste management. Though we can not compare ourselves with Swedish folks. But you can be assured that we have learnt and still much more to learn from you.
Once again thanking you for the great Love and care you are showing to us. We promise you that we will make this child home one of the best abode for the most deserving children.

With Love,
Alice and Children