Dear Swedish Parents,

Greetings to you all. This month is a very stressful month for all of us. The academic year started, classes to the children started, admissions were closed in the school and the enrolment has to be submitted to the government. The teachers have more work than the children.
We had a good rain fall this month , but the same time we had severe heat also. This year the government has given water for the crops. So our school side canal is filled with water. We are happy for the water but much afraid of the mosquitoes. School staff is taking much care to protect us from the mosquitoes.
We are very happy that the new dormitories are erected and waiting for the roof work to be completed by the end of September 2018. Alice and team is taking much care to construct the waste water and toilet tank with leak proof.
We planted tomatoes and egg plants. Now they are getting ready. Greens we planted in raised beds. We are also raising some country chicken. We are gradually getting attracted to the Organic farming. The kitchen wasted is being used as compost. The more we learn we started loving the garden work.
As per as the academic education is concerned , children are learning and studying deligintly. There are slow learner’s also but we are spending more time for them to make them understand.
Some of the children are interested in learning sewing. We are teaching them the basics in sewing and some quick learneres are interested in stitching.
Thankyou verymuch for bringing all skills under one umbrella by providing with life skills. Thankyou verymuch for supporting us you are not only filling our tummies but providing us with best opportunities. We feel that it’s a privilege for all of us that we are in your HEARTS.

Thanking you,
With Love,
Alice and Children