Dear Swedish Parents,

Greetings to you all. Thankyou verymuch for your love care and concern. We want to thank you all for the continuous support you have been extending to us over the past years.
This month we had heavy temperatures that we have never experienced in the past many years. In August we got satisfactory rains but in September we had a different temperature between 34-37 which is very unusual. Children are still sleeping outside just like summer.
We had a Hindu festival called “Vinayaka chaviti “ ( elephant headed God). People celebrate it in a big manner. I have already shared with you in my previous mails about theat of public trespassing in the Childhome compound for the branches leaves and flowers to worship him. This year we all including the school teachers ( they stayed overnight) got up early and guarded the school compound till the evening to avoid and controll public from tearing the branches and leaves. Some how we succeeded this year and hope fully we will able to built some protection wall in future.
This Month we changed the water filters by ourselves. Every month we change the water filters and a person comes from Narasaraopet to do this. But this time we did on our own and we feel quite confident about it.
Kitchen garden is giving its best result.
Hopefully we wanted to go for the second crop during the visit of our Swedish Parents in Jan 2019.
Once again thankyou verymuch for your unconditional love and care.
Anxiously waiting to see you in Jan 2019.

With Love,
Alice and Children