Dear Swedish Parents,

Greetings to you all.

10 months were over I this 2018 and can’t believe that how the days are rolling very fast.
Thank you very much for your Lo e Care and Support. We are also thankful to you for trying ways and means to give us better facilities and building foundation to our bright future by providing nutritious food and with good educational support.
Our hear felt thanks for finding new sponsors and supporters to help us in many ways through giving your money,time and efforts.
Now the new dormitories are getting ready for the dedication program. Once the VW comes and dedicate the building we all can enter into the new buildings. Bathrooms work is going on and still needs to finish the flooring,painting part.
The building was designed as disabled friendly model. We hope everything will get ready for the January 2019 during our Swedish Parents visit and hope ws all celebrate the wonderful event.

Now the VW supported organization in I dial which is called as TDH Bangalore is going to run some training camps for the children in the Chikdhome on gender justice, leadership training, recognizing good touch and bad touch and also bringing the awareness on child rights and new policies on disabilities.
This sort of trading is really new for us and we feel that this is very essential for the children to get to know this information. They just started these classes this month and we are quite comfortable with the resource persons.
Sewing classes are interesting and rest of the regular subject classes are also very interesting because we have all subject teachers now teachers teaching in all subjects.
Thanks for supporting to the Maths, English, science, telugu, Hindi and Computer teachers.
The weather is cool during the night and very hot in the day. We still not feeling the winter has entered. No fire and cool winds. This year many mosquitoes because the crop is in the fields and fields are wet.
Thanking you on e again for you help and care.
We Love you all.

With Love,
Alice and Children.