Dear Swedish Parents,

Greetings to you all. Thank you very much for the support you have been giving us for the past many years. We Love you all for your unconditional Love ,Care and Support.
The winter season is gradually vanishing and summer is starting here. The temperature is increasing day by day and reaching to 35 degrees. We all started sleeping outside since the temperature in the rooms are high. Even the air from the fans is hot.
We planted some green leaves in the kitchen garden and the plantation done by our Swedish Parents in the month of January is now flowering to the tomatoes. Very soon we will get good tomatoes.

Children are enjoying the organic milk from our own buffaloes. We are really very fortunate to drink pure milk with out no preservators added and no Nanoparticles from the plastic packaging. The new buffalo shed added fantastic look to the ground which brings an organic look to the campus.
Children are getting prepared for their exams. They all expressed their gratitude for being given an opportunity to learn life skills at the School. Thank you very for the school bags and the food trolleys. The cooks and helpers are very thankful for the thouthfulness of our swedish Parents for giving these trolleys as a big gift to the childhood since they less the burden in serving the food.
Thank you once again for the wonderful care you are taking for us.
We Love you all.

With Love,
Alice and Children.