Dear Swedish Parents,

Greetings to you all. Thankyou verymuch for your continuous support to the children home. We heard that New Projects going to spring up this year with generosity of our beloved Swedish folks.
This year the temperature was between
43- 47 degrees Celsius during the day and experiencing hot winds in the nighttime.
Fans are producing hot air and there is no moisture in the air. Children are being taken care and attending half day school which means from 7-30 am to 1 pm. Children are not allowed outside till 4 pm to avoid the heat from the sun. Boys stared sleeping out side the New varandah in their new dormitory.
The saddest issue is some of the fruit trees are dying because of the heavy heat and the soil is mixed with rocks where as unable to restore the water. We thought about putting a greedy shady net but because of the cost we with drew the proposal. Any how we are taking necessary care for the plants and trees. We never had this sort of experience in the past. It is all global warming and the sun heat is raising every year because of misusing the natural resources and pollution in the climate. The ground water level has gone down and facing severe power fluctuations since we have no separate power transformer. There is only one transformer which supplies power to the 300 families on the hill top, 50 families in the roadside and agricultural fields behind the school. We have woven a request to the government to provide us with a separate transformer and waiting for their answer.
The Volkswagen Germany with the help of Terre des homes their branch Organization in India has designed some wonderful programs for our Children. As a part of their program they have conducted Career guidance , Leadership development in the Physically Challanged Children, Gender justice, recognising the rights of the children classes were given to the Children. These workshops are very informative and useful to the children. They are not only useful for the children but also to the staff, myself, and other residents in the campus. Thanks to Volkswagen Germany and the Swedish Parents Organization for giving us such great opportunities to know and learn more.
Thanks for making a big difference in our lives.
Thankyou once again for extending your help and support to the Children Home.

Alice and Children