Dear Swedish Parents,

Greetings to you all. Thankyou verymuch for the support you have given to us for all these years.
Summer continued in this month also. The weather forecast said that the mansions will hit our state in the first week of August. No traces of rain in this month.
We have not planted the organic kitchen garden so far. Hopefully we will plan in the month of August. We get Jamun berries to our own trees in the campus. They are very good for digestion. One should taste these fruits once in a year. They look like grapes but has a sour taste . It has high medicinal values. We have 5 of these trees in the campus.
Thankyou verymuch for the washing machines. Volkswagen helped us to buy these washing machines to us. They are very helpful to the crawling children and children with single hand. We trained one staff member to operate it and he is helping the children to wash their clothes.
Expecting two more baby buffaloes in the month of August. Will planning to have a water borewell at the buffalo farm to give water for the green grass to Buffaloes
And for other plantations.
We all went on a pleasure trip to hillside on a Sunday. Prepared our food and all the children enjoyed the trip. They have had an opportunity to see a small Zoo where they can see ? ?,different ? ? ? ? birds and different fish . This trip was sponsored by one of our foster Swedish parent Lajah.
New children joined in the Children home. Some of the children are being graduated from the school and home. New children are getting acquainted with school and children home.
Once again Thankyou very for your Love care and support. Hope to see you soon in your next trip to India.

With Love,
Alice and Children