Dear Swedish Parents

Greetings to you all. Thankyou very much for all the support you are giving to us. Thanks for all the care and concern you are showing to us and forgiving our flaws also.
This month we have got enough of rains and all the school and Children Home looks very beautiful with lot of greenery.
We have ploughed the ground for kitchen garden. Hopefully we will plant in the month of September. This time we want to plant more tomatoes and green leaves.
We are making an estimate for the drip irrigation in the field for continuous water supply to the plants.
Thanks for the washing machines and starting a new physiotherapy center for the children. The Volkswagen has started a physiotherapy center in the girls old dormitory and a physiotherapist is visiting us twice in a week to give some physical exercise for muscle strengthening which is very useful to the children.
We had some classes conducted by VW making surf for washing clothes and bathroom cleaning solutions. These classes are useful for the grown up children to make a living while they are searching for a livelihood.
We haven’t started the construction of overhead water tank since there is dire need for sand for which the present government has put a ban on the supply of sand and more over the rivers are filled with water.
The new children are learning the basics in computer education and the grown up are learning the drawings.
The new government announced no bag day for all the schools which is very useful for the children. No bags are allowed in the schools for 2 Saturdays in a month to encourage the children in extra curricular activities.
Children are happy in the new children home with good facilities and growing in a disciplined manner.
Thankyou once again for all your Love and support.

With Love,
Alice and Children