Dear Swedish Parents,

Greetings to you all. Hope all is well at your side and we all doing great so far. No traces of Carona virus in Challagundla Children home and school.
Thankyou very much for the Love care and support even in this crucial hours you have not forgotten us and keep on extending your continuous support and care.
We owe a great debt of gratitude for all our dear parents and Swedish parents association for your constant enquiry about our health and the conditions in India to combat against the Pandamic Carona virus. Thanks for your valuable advices through Samuel Tideman.
Now the total India was lock down and no people is allowed to go outside. All the city, town and villages boarders were blocked. No transportation is allowed in the roads except in a limited time to get some groceries and vegetables. Chicken and meat are available in black market but has very high price.

The government declared complete lock down till 31st March and has extended the date till April 12th.
Schools were given holidays no teacher is allowed to take classes. At present 65 children are staying in the children home and 15 children left to their villages after declaration of the holidays. Even for the present inmates the police are taking them in their vechicles to hand over them to their parents and relatives. For the children who have no parents and relatives the government is planning them to keep in Guntur hostel where they have all the medical facilities available. Since challagundla has no doctor available they have said that they will move the children to special home quarantine Centers in Guntur till April 12th and hand them
Over to us after the medical tests were done. The food bill will be collected by their respective NGO means organisations. It’s not only our children they are putting these guidelines to all the other organisations who works with the children in this Guntur district.
It’s a must for all the children to go for a medical test after their return to the children home. The government advised us because there is a tribal community near by the children home where as 100-120 children live on the hillside and they are crossing the boarders of the children home to spendi time in our school campus where there is no one to control them unless their families should have a control over. There is no compound wall around the school campus and we have lot of shady trees in the ground. We were put in a difficult situation not to stop those children or to educate them. Our school has taken the responsibility to educate and bring awareness among them.More over the summer heat is high and it is reaching to 38 degrees now.These children live in a very unhealthy atmosphere and a poor hygiene environment.
As for our Children are concerned we are bringing awareness among them by cleaning the hands as many times as he or she can. While coughing out the elbow around the mouth. Not to where others clothes ar sharing the same blanket outing two cots together. Lot of butter milk is served. More fruits in the diet with more citrus. Children were given hand kerchief to avoid sneezing and sweating. More sanitizers are being given to the children with the help of an elderly person and they were given with an extra package of soaps extra.
So far I will be able to know the decision of the education department with in few days.
I will get back to you with more updates sons.
Once again thanks for your care and support. We love you and praying for the rest of the world the you all remain in good health and cheer. Let’s us all fight against this Pandamic Carona virus.

Thanking you,
Alice and Children.