Dear Swedish Parents,

Greetings to you all. We wish you all a very Happy and a Blessed New Year.
Thanks for the support you have been giving to us over the years. It is so good to inform you that  The government has given permission to the children to Return back to the children home.
Schools already started and now the children home was opened in this month. We are happy to see our children back home. The children home is filled with our children and is in full swing with their activities.
Very very happy to see them back. Children are also longing to stay back in the Childrenhome.
This week lower classes students ( 1st -5th ) are joining back. They have to under go some COViD test during this week.
Two vaccines have been given emergency approval for India’s immunisation programme; the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine, known in India as Covishield, and a domestic product, Covaxin, developed by the pharmaceutical company Bharat ( From news) . No adverse cases were reported so far. Now the government is administering to the frontline workers like municipal department, medical department as the first choice . It will reach to the common man very soon. More than 200000 beneficiaries were given the vaccination.
Children will be given continuous classes from February since they lost many hours of education last year. We are expecting that there will be minimal summer holidays this year.
Thanks once again for your continuous support and for your unceasing Love and Care during this Pandamic time.
We miss Samuel Tideman this year. We wish and pray that we will be able to see him and some of our Swedish folks this 2021-2022.
Good gracious God! No COViD cases were found among our children so far. We are taking all the necessary measures to keep the children in a clean, hygiene and healthy environment.
Thanking you,
With Love,
Alice and Children