Dear Swedish Parents,

Greetings to you all. I am very happy to inform you all that the childrenhome has been reopened from September 1st 2021. The government has given permission to start the schools again and now accorded permission to start the children home. Now we have 65 children in our home.
We have taken all precautions including sanitising the children home, pest control, mosquito repellent spraying etc.
This year we have had a major problem with  mosquito bites since all the agricultural fields are springing up with activities. There is a big treat of Dengue fever also. Many children suffered with viral fevers and we have put them to good medical care.
Now for us it has been a big challenge to bring the children back into normal life. I personally found that disciplinary norms should be maintained back by the staff interns of education, food etc since they have spend 2 years back at their homes doing nothing. More over these
Children need special care and attention.So we are giving health and hygiene classes, moral instruction classes, giving more time for games and extra cuticular activities since they have to spend more time on education to complete the academic syllabus by Feb 2022.
The former students of RGMHS are going to celebrate an Old studentAlumni on the October 9th 2021 with a gathering of 300 students. We actually planned it in the month of January 2022 during Sam visit. But since we are unable to know the travel ban we felt that we will start with in this year and will conclude in January 2022 commomarating the 40 year’s celebrations.
We wanted to express our gratitude to the Swedish parents association also for continuing their support with us for the past 1 years which is called a Deccinial celebrations.
Thanks for all the support you have extended for us for all these past years and years yet to come.
Thanking you,
With Love,
Alice and children.