Dear Swedish Parents,

Greetings to you all. Thankyou very for the monthly financial support for providing extra nutrituous diet for all of us. All the children are growing healthy and enjoying the precious food and fecilities provided by the Swedish people.

Now we are in the peak of summer time. The temparature is 46 degree cellius. The hot winds are blowing and now our state  is like a burning furnace. The state government has announced holidays for all the schools for few more days since it is very hot. We never had this type of heat waves in the past. Since the delay in the mansoons the weather is very hot and dry. The government has announced that no one should come on to the roads during these three days.

We have arranged ”vatti root mats” in the dormitrories. These mats are made up of a herbal root which keeps the atmosphere cool and it needs constant wet. We have to water them for every two hours. These mats will be hanged to the doors and windows of the dorms keeping them wet to protect  from the heat. Since there is no school for few days all the children are staying in their dorms and taking rest during the afternoon time. They  are only allowed to come out after 5 in the evening for playing and for their regular activities.  The is not setting down till 7 in the night. Heat waves and winds are blowing through out the day. This is a different summer we all are experiencing. The greatest blessing is the school is surrounded by green trees who ever comes to the school campus are admiring the cool and pleasent atmosphere. Thanks for helping for the plantation and we look more encouragement from you in future in planting the new plants.

All the trees are healthy and full of green since they got sufficient water even in the summer time. we all are enjoying the Solar Electric system and our heart felt thanks to you all for supporting in installing the Solar System. Since we all sleep out side in the open we will wet the ground. We have seen no snakes this summer so far. Usually every year we will kill at least 7-10 snakes.

This summer we cleaned the ground and collected the rocks and stones out of the ground and prepared the ground for new plantation and waiting for the monsoons to come. Once the mansoon enter the state we will plan to plant more trees this year. The new ladder made it easy to climb the top of the school to making more convineint to clean the solar pannels regularly.

We, also ever owe a great debt of gratitude to you all and Samuel Tideman and others for the marvellous work you are doing the priceless love your are showing to us. You rather not seeing our diformities but building a bright future for us and making us known to recongnise our pottentials to become  better persons.

Thankyou all and we love you and be assured of our prayers.

With Love,
Alice and Children
Hope Childhome,  Challagundla, India.