Dear Swedish Parents,

Greetings to you all.
This month has been a really tough month in all our lives. Many changes has taken in all our lives which we never expected this early. We lost our dear mother Rosina Benjamin one of the founder of Childhome.

Her sudden demise is a great loss to all of us especially for me. She raised and supported me for the past 43 years. My mother Rosina and my father Benjamin are the great inspiring personalities who started this compassionate work among the physically challanged children 40 years ago and now we are left orphans by losing both of them.

She died on the 8th of Feb and the funeral has taken place on 10th of Feb. More than 1200 people attended her funeral service majority are the old students from this Orphange and the other Childhome we had at Narasaraopet which in no more now.
It is very providential that Samuel Tideman has visited this Childhome just 4 years ago and started supporting this wonderful work by inspiring and motivating many Swedish people to get involved in this philanthropic service. Your support and encouragement has given great strength to us to continue this work among the most deserved children.
I felt like I was left alone but my children brought a marvellous cheer in my face by caring me in all my difficult times.

When I saw the cheerful faces of my children at the Childhome I forget my loneliness and reminds my responsibilities.

Now the whether is getting hot and the temparature is raising day by day. It is 30 degrees celcius now and the day is long and the night is very short. The sun is raising by 6 in the morning and the hot winds are blowing slowly. All the canals are drained and little water is stored for the drinking purpose.

Thankyou somuch for being a great encouragement and support to me in my difficult times. You all stood with me and uphold me in the times of need. I will owe you all a great debt of gratitude for being with me and supporting the Childhome with your constant help. We really want to thank Samuel Tideman for getting you all involved in this commpassionate work among the most deserved children. With out all of you I will never able to run this Childhome. Once again I want to thank all the Swedish parents and Samuel for being with us and giving a great assurance that you are there for us to support and help in the time of need. Your constant support and help makes us feel that we all are not Orphan and Handicapped children, we have people in Sweden on whom we can lean on and to be cared.

With Love,
Alice and Children
Hope Childhome, Challagundla