Dear Swedish Parents,

Greetings to you all.
Thankyou  verymuch for the Love and support you are extending to us.

All of us are getting back to the daily normal life, though we all have faced a great loss our Dear mother Rosina 2 months ago. Things are settling down and we are back our daily life.

The summer has started. Now the temparature is between 38 degrees to 41 degrees. The water coming out of the pipe line is very hot and we are storing the water in the container for daily use.

The greatest blessing for the childhome is even the climate is hot and burning the trees in the campus gives us wonderful shade and all the trees are great. We wonder about the Gods creation, just before the summer during the Autumn the trees shed their leaves and look empty but when the summer starts all the trees will be with full of leaves and shade.

We want to thank you all for providing us with a new bore well 3 years ago and now it has become a great help during summer time.
This month a group of Doctors visited the Childhome and did some medical checkups like dental, ear, throat etc. They have taken some health classes to the children educating them to maintain the personal hygene and cleaniness.

They have taken weight and height measurements. All the doctors expressed that the children are looking healthy and they did not have any major illness and looking very healthy. They advised us to take extra precautions for the crawling children since they cannot walk they needs to be taken more care. They appreaciated the school and childhome looks very beautiful.

This year we have had the first fruits of few mangoes for one tree,another sort of kiwis but the problem is boys are throwing the stones to the fruits and the girls picking up the fruits from the ground. I am educating them not do that because is they keep the fruits they are the benificiaries of them. I think since they are children it will take more time for me to make them learn.

We wish that your summer will be our summer. so we can enjoy the weather.Thankyou verymuch once again for the Love care and concern you giving to us. We hope and wish that we will be able to see more Swedish parents visiting us this year in India and we pray for that to happen soon.

With Love,
Alice & Children
Hope Childhome, Challagundla, India