Dear Swedish Parents,

Here I am sending some information about the girl with the HIV Positive Virus. The name of the girl is M.Adi Lakshmi aged about 13 years. She lost both her parents when she was 5 years old. She lost her mother first later her father both with Tuberculosis. That is the only information we got from the person who brought this girl to the Childhome. Now we are suspecting that both her parents have AIDS which was hidden by the person who brought this girl to us. She came to the Childhome when she was 6 years old and we did the medical test during the time of admission and found no HIV Virus. She is born with one single hand. So we gave an admission to this girl. Now she is an orphan and had no body. even though she has brother and sisters nobody wants to take her home. I called their relatives and they refused to take her home. She even wants stay with me and doesnt want to go anywhere.

She is a very intelligent student and very active person. Very recently we found that she is having HIV Virus in  her body since she having continuous fever,cough,skin rashes and loose motions. So I have send her to the Doctor and they did some tests and found that half of her lungs were gone and the HIV Virus is progressing in her body. The Doctor said that he can give any gaurantee that how long she will live. He also said her life span will extend depending on the food and medicine that she take.

 The HIV Virus is called HUMAN IMMUNO DEFICIENCY VIRUS is a lentivirus that causes the acquired immuno deficiency syndrome, a condition in humans in which progressive failure of the immune style allows life-thretening oppurtunistic infections and cancers to thrive.   The Virus will multiply in the body for a few weeks or even months  before the immune system responds. During this time it can effect the other people by sexual contact or blood transfusion,permiscuit and homosexuality.

The Anti Retroviral Therapy( ART) can help to protect the health. This ART is the use of HIV medicines to treat HIV infection. ART involves taking a conbination of medicines every day. The ART helps people with HIV live longer healthier lives.The government in Andhrpredesh is providing medicine for these people. But no shelter homes for these patients.

The girl now we have at the childhome needs a shelter home where she can be kept and be given hope to her life.She must take high protien diet and Anti Retroviral Drugs to stop the progression of the disease. There is no permanent cure in the world for this disease. The only best way is if I find a shelter home I would like to send her to that home where she can be treated with the same diseased people. Until them I am going to keep her in my home. She came to know her health condition and weeping every day. I am giving counselling to her and assuring her that we there to take care of her as long as she lives.

I pray and hope that God will definitely show a way to this poor girl and if I dont find any alternative I have decided to keep her with me until her last breath.

With Tears and Prayers,