Dear Swedish Parents,

Greetings to you all. Hope this letter of mine will find you all in good health and cheer. We really had a terrible summer this year. The disaster managment officials said that the death toll due to the intense heat wave sweeped Andhra pradesh crossed more than 1000 figure.
Temparature had been hoverd around 46 degrees celsius. The state authorities directed to open camps for providing drinking water as a measure of protection against the severe heat condition.

The state authorities appealed the public to avoid sun from 11 am to 4-30pm to get protected from the UV rays.

We kept the children in the dormitories from morining 11 am to evening 5 pm to protect them from the heat. We have hanged the cotton wet curtains in the dormitories and continuouslly keep wetting them to protect from the heat. Since the flooring is made with stones it produced more heat.

Children enjoyed playing indoor games and and only we allowed them to come outside during the evening. during the night time we wet the ground with water and all  the children slept outside on their cots.

All the children expressed their gratitude for the Swedish parents for giving extra breakfast for them. They really enjoying the food. One of the girl named Nagalakshmi expressed that even if they live at their home they will not get this quality of good and even their own parents will not afford to give them with this nutrituious food.
This summer we all collected some stones from the groud to make nice and we still have to collect more from the ground. we really are enjoying the taar road paved for the children now the tri-cycles can go fast on this road to reach the water tank.
Some family from the village came to us and fed with delicius dinner because their son got admission in the medical college and he is going to become a medical doctor. To celebrate their joy they came to the school and shared  a meal with the


Now the weather is getting better and cooler. We are expecting rains this month and we hope we get them in time.

Thankyou once again for all that you are doing to us. Thankyou verymuch for your support,care and concern. We look forward to hear about you more. The help that you are extending to our childhome is not small it is building a great future and giving HOPE to the most neglected children. We love you all and praying for you.

With Love,
Alice and Children,
Hope Childhome, CHALLAGUNDLA,